Star Instructor Master Baek Chapter 96

Mae Geukryeom’s relationship with his daughter, Yakbing, was once inseparable. Their bond was further solidified after the tragic loss of Geukryeom’s wife. However, when Yakbing introduced her lover with intentions to marry, Geukryeom’s world crumbled. His inability to accept the new man in her life led to a rift, with harsh words exchanged and relationships severed.

Baek Suryong: The Peacemaker

Baek Suryong, Yakbing’s son, becomes the bridge between the past and the present. With fragments of his predecessor’s memories returning, he yearns for reconciliation between his father and grandfather. He’s aware of the deep-seated pain and misunderstandings that have kept the two men apart, especially the regret Geukryeom feels for not attending Yakbing’s funeral.

Geukryeom’s Inner Turmoil

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Haunted by his past decisions, Geukryeom reflects on his life. From the joy of becoming a father after a prolonged absence to the devastation of losing his wife, and then the heartbreak of pushing his daughter away. His internal struggles, compounded by a “mental demon,” prevented him from reconnecting with his ailing daughter, further deepening his guilt.

Release Schedule: Star Instructor Master Baek Chapter 96

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
IndiaWednesday, 20 September 202308:30 PM
JapanThursday, 21 September 202312:00 AM
KoreaThursday, 21 September 202312:00 AM
USAWednesday, 20 September 202311:00 AM
UKWednesday, 20 September 202304:00 PM
PhilippinesWednesday, 20 September 202311:00 PM
AustraliaThursday, 21 September 202301:00 AM

Where to Read?

For those eager to immerse themselves in the world of “Star Instructor Master Baek Chapter 96,” the raw version is available on Naver Comic. English translations are yet to be announced.

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In Conclusion:

“Star Instructor Master Baek” is a gripping narrative of love, loss, and the quest for redemption. As the story unfolds, it prompts readers to reflect on the fragility of relationships and the importance of understanding and forgiveness. The upcoming chapter promises to delve deeper into these themes, offering readers a blend of action, emotion, and introspection.

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