How To Fight Chapter 193 A Thrilling Clash and Unexpected Tactics

Fans of the Manhwa series “How To Fight” are eagerly awaiting the epic fight between Baavgai and Seong Taehoon, which promises to be a showdown of titanic proportions. After the intense battle between Kim Gun and Hoobin, this fight holds immense significance for the series, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

In Chapter 192, Baavgai and Taehoon face off, each sizing up the other’s strength and determination. Taehoon is determined to give his all in the fight, but his legs start to feel numb, raising doubts about his chances against Baavgai. However, both fighters are unwavering in their resolve, making for a thrilling and nail-biting confrontation.

Power, Strategy, and Heritage: Unraveling the Fighters’ Pasts

As the battle unfolds, Baavgai reveals the resilience and strength that have been passed down through generations in Mongolia. He attributes their formidable physique to centuries of DNA inheritance, dating back to the time of Genghis Khan, making him a truly formidable opponent.

Meanwhile, Taehoon shows impressive skill by using his strength to counter Baavgai’s moves. However, he realizes that his current strategy may not be enough to secure victory, prompting him to consider a tactical shift in his approach.

The Fight Without Hands: Hobin vs. Kim Kun

In a separate storyline, the fight between Hobin and Kim Kun takes a surprising turn as Hobin decides to fight without using his hands. Although he considers it a crazy idea, Hobin gives his all in the unconventional battle. However, Kim Gun manages to hurt Hobin’s leg, adding another layer of complexity to the encounter.

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How To Fight Chapter 193

Release Date and Reading Platforms

Fans can mark their calendars for August 5, 2023, as “How To Fight” Chapter 193 is set to release. Readers in various time zones can access it on WebToon at the specified times.

Time ZoneDateTime
Japanese Standard TimeSaturday, August 511:00 PM
Indian Standard TimeSaturday, August 507:30 PM
Central European TimeSaturday, August 503:00 PM
New YorkSaturday, August 510:00 AM
Australian Capital TerritorySaturday, August 511:00 PM
Eastern Indonesian TimeSaturday, August 508:00 PM
Singapore Standard TimeSaturday, August 509:00 PM
Pacific TimeSunday, August 607:00 AM
Eastern European TimeSaturday, August 503:00 PM
Philippines Standard TimeSaturday, August 510:00 PM
Korean Standard TimeSaturday, August 511:00 PM

The upcoming chapter promises an intense and action-packed experience, filled with unexpected twists and turns. As the characters’ stories intertwine and their skills are put to the test, fans can look forward to a gripping and thrilling continuation of “How To Fight.”

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