Fist Demon of Mount Hua Chapter 150

The tale of Yeom Seak, the Slaughter Demon, is one of power, defiance, and resilience. Having mastered the Ultimate Demonic arts, he embarked on a killing spree, growing stronger with each conquest. This reign of terror united the orthodox sects against him.

Despite their combined might, Yeom Seak stood tall, only to be eventually subdued by the combined efforts of Sword God Han Ho and the Orthodox alliance. His defeat was brutal. With his energy core destroyed, tendons severed, and bones shattered, he was imprisoned in Mount Hua’s deepest dungeon. But Yeom Seak’s spirit remained unbroken.

He trained relentlessly, limited only to bodyweight exercises. The Mount Hua sect leader, recognizing his indomitable will, read Daoist teachings to him for over two decades. As years turned to decades, Yeom Seak’s imprisonment became a blur.

A Glimpse into the Past: Chapter 149 Recap

Fist Demon of Mount Hua Chapter 149 recap

Chapter 149 introduced us to the Namgung clan’s young master, Mu Jin, who suffered from Qi-deviation after hastily practicing the King Style Sword techniques. The clan’s desperation to save him led them to seek the divine doctor. However, their attempt to capture the doctor was thwarted by Dam Ho, setting the stage for an epic confrontation in the upcoming chapter.

The Awaited Showdown: What to Expect in Chapter 150

The next chapter promises high-octane action as Dam-Ho prepares to face the Sword King regiment from the Namgun Clan. Leading them is an enlightened monster, hinting at a battle that will push Dam-Ho to his limits.

Release Schedule: Fist Demon of Mount Hua Chapter 150

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanOctober 3, 202309:00 PM
IndiaOctober 3, 202305:30 PM
Central EuropeOctober 3, 202302:00 PM
U.S.A (New York)October 3, 202308:00 AM
AustraliaOctober 3, 202310:00 PM
IndonesiaSeptember 30, 202307:00 PM
SingaporeOctober 3, 202308:00 PM
Pacific TimeOctober 3, 202305:00 AM
Eastern EuropeOctober 3, 202302:00 PM
PhilippinesOctober 3, 202308:00 PM
South KoreaOctober 3, 202309:00 PM

Where to Read

While there’s no official English translation available, enthusiasts can delve into the raw scans of Chapter 150 on Kakao Page Webtoons.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“Fist Demon of Mount Hua” is a masterful blend of martial arts, adventure, and shounen genres. As the narrative unfolds, readers are treated to a rich tapestry of ambition, rivalry, and the age-old question of redemption. Chapter 150 promises to be another thrilling installment in this gripping saga.

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