In an exciting development at the “Anime Expo 2023” held in Los Angeles (July 1st-4th), the artwork for the upcoming final season of the anime series “BEASTARS FINAL SEASON” (scheduled for release in 2024) was revealed. This highly anticipated season will be exclusively streamed on Netflix.

The series, based on the manga by Paru Itagaki, takes place in a world where carnivorous and herbivorous animals coexist. It follows the journey of Legoshi, a troubled gray wolf, as he grapples with the conflicts arising from the differences between species while navigating the challenges of youth. The drama born from the misunderstandings between different species has garnered significant acclaim not only in Japan but also internationally.

During the stage event held on the 1st of July, the character designs for the beloved main characters such as Legoshi and the rabbit Haru were unveiled, generating immense excitement among the attendees. The surprise appearance of Legoshi added an extra spark of enthusiasm to the event, leaving the audience buzzing with anticipation.

As Legoshi continues to struggle against his carnivorous instincts, viewers eagerly await the decisions he will make regarding his own way of life and his relationship with Haru, his herbivorous lover. With the final season approaching, fans are eagerly awaiting further updates as the story reaches its thrilling conclusion.

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Rajat Mehta

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