Duke Pendragon Chapter 83

The last chapter sets the stage with a deep conversation between Raven and Allen. Raven, considering the gravity of their upcoming journey to the Imperial Capital, decides to have Leon accompany Allen.

Allen, ever the strategist, sees this as an opportunity to find a master. But Raven’s concerns are evident. With objectives like obtaining approval for the Pendragon coin and the looming threat around Luv Tyleen, the journey promises to be perilous.

The Return of the Undead: A Looming Threat

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Allen drops a bombshell, revealing that the zombies and ghouls they once defeated near the Mausoleum are resurrecting. This suggests the Lich they believed was defeated might still be at large. The attack on Lady Airin by a zombie raises more questions.

Raven, surprised, acknowledges Allen’s retained strength even after his pact with the White Dragon. But Allen hints at a potentially greater force behind these events, suggesting a creature that might rival a dragon.

Sol’s Revelation: A Bond Beyond Magic

In a heartfelt reunion, Sol and Allen discuss her absence. Sol has been restoring her magic powers and maintaining her human form outside Pendragon territory, even at the cost of her magic.

Their conversation touches on their shared past, with Sol feeling responsible for Allen’s fate in his previous life. Their bond, as soul-bound contractors, is evident in their words and emotions.

Release Schedule: Duke Pendragon Chapter 83

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanOctober 4, 202309:00 PM
IndiaOctober 4, 202305:30 PM
Central EuropeOctober 4, 202302:00 PM
U.S.A (New York)October 4, 202308:00 AM
AustraliaOctober 4, 202310:00 PM
IndonesiaOctober 4, 202307:00 PM
SingaporeOctober 4, 202308:00 PM
Pacific TimeOctober 4, 202305:00 AM
Eastern EuropeOctober 4, 202302:00 PM
PhilippinesOctober 4, 202308:00 PM
South KoreaOctober 4, 202309:00 PM

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Concluding Thoughts:

“Duke Pendragon” continues to weave a tale of intrigue, magic, and bonds that transcend lifetimes. As Raven and Allen navigate the challenges of their world, readers are treated to a rich tapestry of relationships, threats, and the weight of the past. Chapter 83 is set to be another chapter adding depth to this enthralling narrative.

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