Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant Chapter 81 Lunas Disguised Adventure

In the upcoming chapter of “Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant”, Luna finds herself in a peculiar situation. Guided by Prince Machaon’s advice on her impressive mana, she’s on a quest to uncover the curse’s origin. But before she can dive deep into the mystery, she’s thrown into a whirlwind of disguises and festivals.

A Countryside Transformation

Pluto, in a playful twist, dresses Luna as a simple girl from the countryside. While Luna grasps the festive theme, she’s left puzzled by this sudden transformation. Pluto’s reasoning?

To give the stressed-out Luna a break from her royal duties and the looming pressure of identifying her real father from five potential candidates. By disguising her, Pluto ensures Luna can freely mingle at the festival without the weight of her recognizable hair or royal title.

The Festival of Disguises

The foundation festival isn’t just any event. It’s a day where everyone, regardless of their status, can don a mask and enjoy the festivities as someone else. A day where a commoner can feel like royalty and a princess can experience life as a shepherdess. It’s all about freedom, fun, and a break from one’s identity.

Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant Chapter 81

The Weight of Responsibility

Despite Pluto’s intentions, Luna’s mind remains occupied. She’s yet to find the fourth holy item, and the potential spy’s identity remains elusive. Pluto reassures her, emphasizing the power of the three holy items they possess.

While a single item can activate the empire’s protective barrier, all four would make it invincible. But with the fourth item missing, their best bet is to rely on the three they have, safely hidden from Pothos’s reach.

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Release Details & Where to Catch the Chapter

Eager fans, mark your calendars! “Choose Your Real Daddy Tyrant” Chapter 81 is set to release on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. For international readers:

Time ZoneTime
US (EST)07:00 AM
Canada (NT)07:00 AM
India (IST)04:30 PM
Australia (AEST)09:00 PM
Philippines (PHT)07:00 PM
Japan (JST)08:00 PM
South Korea (KST)08:00 PM

For those wondering where to catch this intriguing chapter, it’ll be available on Manta with English translations.

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