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The world of Murim Login is abuzz with anticipation for Chapter 165. The previous chapter left readers at the edge of their seats as Taekyung and Baek Woo locked horns in a heated argument.

The martial world’s grapevine is rife with chatter about Jin Taekyung, the young prodigy. Despite his youthful appearance, many are beginning to recognize that age is but a number, and it’s the skill that truly counts.

Behind the Scenes: Taekyung’s Journey

  • The Talk of the Town: Taekyung’s rapid ascent in the martial world has not gone unnoticed. Whispers about his potential divine martial physique are making rounds, with many speculating about the secret behind his increasing strength.

  • The Fall of Gangho: The news of Gangho’s downfall has left many in disbelief. Questions arise about how someone so reckless could amass such power. The consensus? Perhaps he’s better off with the dogs than being confined.

Chapter 164 Recap: A Carriage of Conflict

In a twist of fate, Taekyung finds himself sharing a carriage with Baek Woo, Goong Gibang, and Jaegal Gyun. Tensions rise as Baek Woo confronts Taekyung over his interactions with other contestants. The chapter culminates in a fiery exchange of words and fists.

Murim Login
  • Song Ho’s Insight: The Thousand-Faced Fox, Song Ho, sheds light on the unusually high number of contestants in the final round. The reason? Taekyung’s explosive actions during the preliminary round, which inadvertently allowed many to pass.

  • The Road to Luoyang: As the contestants journey to Luoyang for the final round, Master Song makes an unexpected appearance, keen to witness the potential future pillars of their society.

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Chapter 165: Mark Your Calendars!

For those eagerly waiting, Murim Login Chapter 165 is set to release on Friday, August 18, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. Here’s a quick global timetable for the fans:

USFriday, August 18, 202307:00 AM
CanadaFriday, August 18, 202307:00 AM
IndiaFriday, August 18, 202304:30 PM
AustraliaFriday, August 18, 202309:00 PM
PhilippinesFriday, August 18, 202307:00 PM
JapanFriday, August 18, 202308:00 PM
South KoreaFriday, August 18, 202308:00 PM

Where to Read

Eager beavers can catch the raw version of Murim Login Chapter 165 on KakaoPage.

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