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SBS’s new drama, “National Death Penalty Vote”, is set to premiere on August 10th. The hard-boiled crime thriller has garnered attention as one of the most highly anticipated works in the second half of 2023. The story revolves around a nationwide death penalty vote targeting vicious criminals who have managed to evade the blind spots of the law. It follows the pursuit of an enigmatic figure known as “Dog Mask” who carries out executions based on the voting results, and the police officers who are hot on his trail.

Park Hae Jin portrays Kim Moo Chan, the head of Team 1 in the regional investigation unit at the Southern Provincial Police Agency. He is the youngest person to become a team leader in the shortest period of time and eagerly takes on any intriguing case that comes his way.

In the released stills, Kim Moo Chan is seen gazing into the distance at an undisclosed location, illuminated only by a red light in the darkness. His intense stare raises viewers’ curiosity about what he might be observing and the tense situation that will unfold.

Park Hae Jin showcases a rough and tough charisma as Kim Moo Chan, a stark contrast to his previous dandy and sophisticated image in his past works. Viewers can anticipate witnessing a dramatic transformation by Park Hae Jin in “National Death Penalty Vote.”

The production team of “National Death Penalty Vote” praised Park Hae Jin for his perfect portrayal of Kim Moo Chan, a rugged and fearless police officer, right from the first shoot. Not only did he fearlessly perform action scenes, but he also demonstrated great leadership as the protagonist, setting the mood for the entire set. It is evident why Park Hae Jin is beloved by the public and has numerous hit works. Audiences will have the opportunity to witness a new side of Park Hae Jin, completely different from what they have seen before, in “National Death Penalty Vote.”

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“National Death Penalty Vote” premieres on August 10th at 9 p.m. KST, airing consecutive episodes for the first two weeks, followed by a weekly broadcast every Thursday at 9 p.m. KST.

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