Fifty Fifty vs ATTRAKT 2

A legal battle is brewing between the members of K-Pop group FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, ATTRAKT, as tensions escalate and controversies unfold.

On July 5th, the 50th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court commenced the first hearing regarding FIFTY FIFTY’s application for an injunction to suspend the validity of their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT. The group, consisting of Siwoo, Saena, Aran, and Kina, has enlisted the services of Barun Law Firm to represent them in this legal endeavor.

The legal representatives for FIFTY FIFTY revealed that the members filed the application on June 19th, citing multiple instances of contractual obligations not being fulfilled by ATTRAKT. These alleged issues include non-transparent financial settlements and the agency’s unilateral attempts to enforce activities despite the members’ health conditions. Importantly, the representatives emphasized that the decision to take legal action was made independently by the four members, without any external influence.

While a full-fledged preliminary injunction lawsuit has yet to commence, fans of FIFTY FIFTY find themselves caught in a state of confusion and cooling enthusiasm. Many struggle to comprehend why a group that debuted less than a year ago would choose to part ways with their agency over settlement issues. Some music enthusiasts even question whether this move signifies a lack of partnership between the group and ATTRAKT, despite FIFTY FIFTY’s remarkable achievements, such as charting on the prestigious US Billboard Hot 100.

In a surprising twist, ATTRAKT has retaliated by filing a complaint against Dugiverse, claiming that external forces have induced the members to violate their exclusive contract. ATTRAKT alleges that during the business transition, Dugiverse caused delays and even deleted the company’s email account, exacerbating the already tense situation.

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FIFTY FIFTY, once hailed as a miraculous success story among smaller K-Pop labels, now finds themselves embroiled in a legal battle that threatens to disrupt their promising trajectory. As the trial unfolds and more details emerge, both fans and industry insiders eagerly await the resolution of this conflict that has left the spirit of FIFTY FIFTY’s devoted fanbase somewhat shaken.

In a surprising turn of events, an explosive Dispatch report has cast doubt on some of the group’s claims. Dispatch brings forth text messages that challenge FIFTY FIFTY’s assertion that the CEO coerced them into promoting despite their poor health. According to the messages, it was the group’s producer, Ahn Sung Il, who threatened to sever ties with the group if the CEO did not insist on filming a music video for an upcoming Barbie movie.

As the legal battle intensifies and allegations swirl, FIFTY FIFTY’s future hangs in the balance. Only time will reveal the outcome of this high-stakes clash between artists and their agency, as the truth behind the controversies comes to light.

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