Vanessa Lee comes in Support of ATTRAKTs CEO in Fifty Fifty Saga

In a heartwarming turn of events, top Hollywood costume fabricator Vanessa Mi Kyung Lee has come forward to show her support for ATTRAKT’s CEO, who had approached her for FIFTY FIFTY‘s costumes.

Vanessa, known for her exceptional work on Marvel’s iconic superheroes, was deeply moved by the CEO’s determination to invest in the group, even reaching out to a fabricator of her caliber. Despite being unable to accommodate the request due to her busy schedule, Vanessa decided to speak up about the matter, expressing her admiration.

Taking to Twitter, Vanessa shared her thoughts on the situation, stating that it was the first time a company like ATTRAKT had approached her for idol costumes, which are usually considered too expensive for even top American singers.

Though she couldn’t commit due to her prior commitments, she made it clear that she would go above and beyond to support the second chapter of FIFTY FIFTY. Her resounding message was: “Fighting!”

This commendable gesture from Vanessa Lee comes at a crucial time when many are suggesting that ATTRAKT’s CEO should consider recreating FIFTY FIFTY with new members. The overwhelming support for the group’s next phase continues to grow, and with Vanessa’s endorsement, it’s clear that the industry recognizes and respects ATTRAKT’s ambition and commitment to producing top-quality performances.