2PMs Nichkhun Showing Bold and Daring Avatar in Hollywood Debut The Modelizer

After years of capturing hearts as idols, the members of 2PM are venturing into exciting new territories in the entertainment world—acting. Among them, Junho found success with “King the Land,” while Taecyeon embraced the role of a vampire in “Heartbeat,” navigating a “human” life. Now, the spotlight falls on Nichkhun, who recently made his Hollywood debut with “The Modelizer.”

In his R-rated Hollywood film debut, Nichkhun, known as the “beastly idol” due to his buff physique and intricate dance moves, unleashed an unexpected side in “The Modelizer.” The movie has been generating buzz, especially due to a daring scene where his character, Narin ‘Bucky’ Sakpiporn, engages in sexual encounters with two women simultaneously, alongside another character portrayed by Byron Mann.

In the movie, Nichkhun plays the role of Narin ‘Bucky’ Sakpiporn, the son of a wealthy Thai family with Chinese roots. Bucky is characterized as bulky, chivalrous, sociable, and a true party animal, sharing a similar lifestyle and beliefs with Byron Mann’s character, Shawn. The film follows Shawn, a wealthy womanizer, as he discovers the true meaning of love upon meeting Camila, a Brazilian model who embodies his exact opposite.

Born in 1988, Nichkhun’s multicultural background—a mix of Chinese and Thai heritage—sets him apart as one of the most renowned multicultural idols to achieve success in the second generation of K-pop. Now 34, he continues to charm audiences with his dashing looks and fit physique. While pursuing his solo music career, Nichkhun is also venturing deeper into the world of acting.

As Nichkhun ventures into Hollywood, his fans eagerly anticipate the new horizons he will explore in the world of acting. Breaking free from the constraints of the “beastly idol” image, he proves his versatility as an entertainer, leaving a lasting impression on audiences with his bold and daring performance in “The Modelizer.” As Nichkhun’s journey unfolds, the world watches with anticipation to witness the blossoming of a true international star.

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