Audio Bombshell FIFTY FIFTYs Agency Drops Recording Exposing Drama Behind the Scenes

FIFTY FIFTY’s agency, ATTRAKT, has just unleashed an audio recording that reveals a heated conversation between ATTRAKT’s CEO Jun Hong Joon and Warner Music Korea’s Executive Director Yoon.

In the recording, Executive Director Yoon drops a bombshell by mentioning a discussion with CEO Ahn Sung Il from the creative content development group, The Givers. And what were they discussing, you ask? Well, it seems they were cooking up a plan for a sneaky “buyout” that would give FIFTY FIFTY members an escape from their current contracts.

ATTRAKT wasted no time in making their move, initially accusing Warner Music Korea of trying to lure FIFTY FIFTY into breaking their exclusive contracts. However, like a catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head, Warner Music Korea quickly denied any wrongdoing. But the drama didn’t stop there.

On June 27, ATTRAKT turned up the heat by announcing that they had filed criminal charges against CEO Ahn Sung Il from The Givers, along with three other individuals.

As the chaos unfolds, FIFTY FIFTY has decided to join the party by filing to suspend their exclusive contracts with ATTRAKT. Looks like they’re ready to break free from the drama and chart their own path in the music industry. Will they find greener pastures or encounter even more twists and turns? Only time will tell.