Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo Min Land Leading Roles in Drama Perfect Marriage Revenge

Hold onto your seats, folks, because Sung Hoon and Jung Yoo Min are set to ignite the small screen in the thrilling drama “Perfect Marriage Revenge.” Based on the wildly popular webtoon of the same name, this series promises a rollercoaster ride of twisted romance and cunning vengeance.

Our leading lady, Jung Yoo Min, takes on the role of Han Yi Joo, the adopted daughter of the bigwig Han Jin Woong from Hanwool Financial Group. When Han Yi Joo finds herself time-traveling (yes, you read that right) due to an accident, she decides to seize control of her fate and bid adieu to her previous life’s trainwreck of a relationship.

And who better to join the chaos than Sung Hoon, portraying the dashing Seo Do Guk? As the grandson of a Korean corporate giant and the CEO of an interior platform company, Seo Do Guk is the epitome of perfection. With his good looks and towering height, he effortlessly turns heads wherever he struts his stuff.

Cameras have started rolling for “Perfect Marriage Revenge,” but we’ll have to wait a little longer for the juicy details on the exact broadcast date. Stay tuned, drama lovers, as this tale of contractual mayhem and sweet payback is bound to keep us on the edge of our sofas!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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