Descendants Of The Sun Stars Label Responds to 47.4 million USD Scam Allegations

K-drama fans were left in shock when news broke that actor Jin Goo, known for his role in the popular series “Descendants Of The Sun,” was implicated in a 60 billion KRW scam. However, his agency, Baro Entertainment, has stepped up to defend the star’s innocence.

In a statement released on July 18, Baro Entertainment addressed the allegations, clarifying that while Jin Goo had met the alleged scammer on a few occasions, there was no business relationship between them. They emphasized that the actor only learned about the scam through media reports and had no involvement whatsoever in the fraudulent activities.

jin goo
Jin Goo’s Img from Descendants Of The Sun

Reports initially claimed that the scammer swindled 14.2 billion KRW from 61 victims while operating an internet mom cafe. Additionally, it’s alleged that the scammer illegally obtained a staggering 46.4 billion KRW using gift certificates as bait.

Amidst the scandal, another celebrity was also implicated in the scam but vehemently denied any involvement, asserting that they too were a victim.

As the situation unfolds, fans and the public eagerly await further updates to shed light on the truth behind these serious allegations. For now, Jin Goo’s innocence stands, and his agency is adamant in clearing his name from any association with the scam.


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