Lupin the Third Anime Complete Watch Order

Lupin the Third, an anime franchise that has stood the test of time, offers a thrilling mix of action and comedy as we follow the daring thief, Lupin, and his trusted companions on a series of heists and escapades. With a plethora of films, series, OVAs, and specials, figuring out the watch order may seem overwhelming, but fear not! Let’s break it down for you

Lupin the 3rd (1971)

Lupin the 3rd 1971

The Classic Beginning Take a trip down memory lane with the first Lupin the Third series, dating back to 1971. With 23 episodes, this is where it all began, introducing the charismatic Lupin, his sidekick Daisuke Jigen, the alluring Fujiko Mine, and the relentless pursuer Heiji Zenigata VII. A perfect starting point for newcomers to delve into the Lupin universe.

Lupin the 3rd Part II (1977)

Lupin the 3rd Part II 1977

A Beloved Classic Continuing the legacy, the 1977 series brought us 155 episodes of Lupin’s antics. This version takes a more comedic approach, sprinkling in pop culture references for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Lupin the 3rd Part III (1984)

Lupin the 3rd Part III 1984

A Controversial Chapter The third installment, created in the mid-80s, divided opinions due to its goofier plots and animation. While some may find it less appealing, it’s worth exploring to form your own judgment.

Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (2012)

Lupin the Third The Woman Called Fujiko Mine 2012

Fujiko’s Moment to Shine Fujiko Mine, one of Lupin’s recurring love interests, gets the spotlight in this 2012 series. With a focus on her background and growth, it delves deeper into her character, offering a captivating and sensual spinoff.

Lupin the 3rd Part IV: The Italian Adventure (2015)

Lupin the 3rd Part IV The Italian Adventure 2015

The Return of the Classic Series After a gap in anime series, Lupin came back strong in 2015 with 26 episodes set in Italy and San Marino. The vibrant animation and unique setting make this a compelling addition to the franchise.

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Lupin the 3rd Part V: Misadventures in France (2018)

Lupin the 3rd Part V Misadventures in France 2018

Action-Packed European Escapades This standalone series takes place in France, maintaining a similar storytelling style and character designs. It brings blockbuster elements to the forefront, turning up the action for an unforgettable experience.

Lupin the 3rd Part VI (2021)

Lupin the 3rd Part VI 2021

Sherlock Holmes and More The latest anime adaptation offers an ambitious storyline split into two parts. The first half sees Lupin chased by Sherlock Holmes after being accused of Watson’s murder. The second half revolves around his search for a woman who might be his mother. With 25 episodes and solid pacing, this one is not to be missed.


A Timeless Adventure Awaits Lupin the Third has left an indelible mark on the manga and anime industry, captivating audiences for over five decades. Its core themes and engaging characters have stood strong, and there’s no doubt that the Lupin gang will continue to thrill fans for years to come. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for a whirlwind of adventures as you journey through the Lupin the Third anime series!

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