Devil is a part timer author announces new title

Renowned author Satoshi Wagahara, known for his popular series “The Devil is a Part-Timer!”, is about to unleash a new literary adventure. Dengeki Bunko light novel, published by Kadokawa, has just revealed Wagahara’s upcoming light novel title, accompanied by stunning illustrations from Tochi. Fans can mark their calendars as the first volume of this exciting series is scheduled to hit the shelves in Japan on September 8.

Introducing “Shokurakuen -Meshitopia- Houshoku Society”: A Delectable Tale Set in 2075

Prepare to be transported to the captivating world of Japan in the year 2075 with Wagahara’s latest creation, “Shokurakuen -Meshitopia- Houshoku Society.” Delving into a near-future setting, Wagahara explores a society that has revolutionized health and life expectancy. However, there’s a catch—only the consumption of the healthiest foods is endorsed. Individuals who dare to indulge in unhealthy culinary delights are branded as “Addictors” and face social marginalization, effectively becoming invisible in society.

Meet Niijima and Mito: Unlikely Allies in a Forbidden Food Journey

In this intriguing narrative, we are introduced to Niijima, an Addictor who tragically lost his chef father. Alongside him is Mito, a meticulous member of the government’s Food Protection Unit. Tasked with eliminating Addictors, Mito and Niijima’s paths intertwine when they find themselves trapped together in an abandoned building’s basement. With survival as their priority, the duo clandestinely relies on illicit cup noodles for nourishment. However, their secret alliance becomes even more intricate as Mito conveniently uses her investigations as an excuse to continue indulging in forbidden delicacies alongside Niijima.

Unveiling the Literary Genius of Satoshi Wagahara

Satoshi Wagahara’s literary prowess shines through once again, captivating readers with his talent for crafting engaging and imaginative stories. Since its debut in 2011, Wagahara’s “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” light novel series has garnered immense popularity. Accompanied by 029’s illustrations, the series has not only inspired a manga adaptation by Akio Hiiragi but has also been brought to life in three seasons of a thrilling TV anime. The third season, which premiered on July 13, continues to enthral fans. Crunchyroll, the renowned anime streaming platform, aptly describes the series as follows:

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A devil, thwarted by a hero in his quest for world domination, finds himself transported to modern-day Tokyo. Lacking practical skills in the real world, the devil must make ends meet by flipping burgers at a fast food joint. In a bid to halt any further attempts at conquest, the hero diligently follows the devil’s trail and reluctantly takes on the mundane role of a telemarketer.

As Wagahara embarks on this new light novel journey, fans eagerly anticipate the delectable world he has masterfully crafted in “Shokurakuen -Meshitopia- Houshoku Society.” With his unique storytelling ability and Tochi’s mesmerizing illustrations, readers are in for an unforgettable adventure set in a tantalizing future. Prepare to be whisked away into a world where forbidden food becomes the catalyst for an unlikely alliance, leaving us hungry for more. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the first volume on September 8, as we embark on a literary feast like no other.

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