One Piece Arcs

One Piece is one of the Holy Trinity of animes. Many people started reading or watching the series when they were kids. Now they have kids of their own, and One Piece is still going strong. The series is the brainchild of Eiichiro Oda. The first chapter of the manga came out in July 1997 and two years later in 1999, the first episode of the anime dropped.

It is the story of a teenager named Luffy who dreams to be the Pirate King and discover the legendary treasure called ‘One Piece’. On this journey, he makes some friends and lots of enemies. But one thing never changes and that is the goal to be the best.

Its been over two decades since the series aired, and it is needless to say, a lot has happened in the story. This post will help you easily understand the progression of each One Piece story arc in both manga and anime. So let’s get started.

One Piece Anime Arcs

One Piece Anime Arcs

With nearly more than 1000 episodes, One Piece is undeniably one of the most appreciated series in the world. For the action and adventure seekers out there, Anime would be the best way to consume the stirring ride of One Piece. Also, if you get bored with the intense scenes, the filler episodes will clear up the air with their humor.

#Arc NameArc EpisodesFiller Episodes
1Romance Dawn Arc1-3
2Orange Town Arc4-8
3Syrup Village Arc9-18
4Baratie Arc19-30
5Arlong Park Arc31-45
5.1Buggy Side Story Arc46-47All
6Loguetown Arc48-5350, 51
6.1Warship Island Arc54-61All
7Reverse Mountain Arc62-63
8Whiskey Peak Arc64-67
8.1Koby and Helmeppo Arc68-69All
9Little Garden Arc70-77
10Drum Island Arc78-91
11Alabasta Arc92-13093, 98, 99, 101, 102,
11.1Post-Alabasta Arc131-135All
11.2Goat Island Arc136-138All
11.3Ruluka Island Arc139-143All
12Jaya Arc144-152
13Skypiea Arc153-195
14Long Ring Long Land Arc207-219213-216
14.1Ocean’s Dream Arc220-224All
14.2Foxy’s Return Arc225-228226
15Water 7 Arc229-263
16Enies Lobby Arc264-312279-283, 291, 292, 303
17Post-Enies Lobby Arc313-325317-319,
17.1Ice Hunter Arc326-336All
18Thriller Bark Arc337-381354
18.1Spa Island Arc382-384All
19Sabaody Archipelago Arc385-405
19.1Special Historical Arc406-407All
20Amazon Lily Arc408-421421
21Impel Down Arc422-425
21.1Little East Blue Arc426-456426-429
22Marineford Arc457-489457, 458
23Post-War Arc490-516488, 489, 492, 499, 510
24Return to Sabaody Arc517-522520
25Fishman Island Arc523-574536, 542, 574
25.1Z’s Ambition Arc575-578All
26Punk Hazard Arc579590, 625
26.1Caesar Retrieval Arc626-628All
27Dressrosa Arc629-746633, 657, 679, 690, 731
27.1Silver Mine Arc747-750749, 750
28Zou Arc751-779775, 777, 778
28.1Marine Rookie Arc780-782All
29Whole Cake Island Arc783-877789, 793, 799, 801, 803, 807, 863, 868, 872, 873
30Levely Arc878-889All
31Wano Country Arc890898, 902, 907, 910, 912, 914, 915, 917, 924, 934, 991, 992
31.1Cidre Guild Arc895-896All

One Piece Manga Arcs

One Piece Manga Arcs

However, cool the Anime might be, for some otakus Manga is always the first preference. And why it shouldn’t because One Piece Manga offers that feel of originality and expressiveness of the characters. The Manga Arcs provides a good pacing, true artwork, and no filler journey for the ones who like to tread on one story at a time.

1Romance Dawn Arc1-7
2Orange Town Arc8-21
3Syrup Village Arc22-41
4Baratie Arc42-68
5Arlong Park Arc69-95
6Loguetown Arc96-100
7Reverse Mountain Arc101-105
8Whiskey Peak Arc106-114
9Little Garden Arc115-129
10Drum Island Arc130-154
11Alabasta Arc155-217
12Jaya Arc218-326
13Skypiea Arc237-302
14Long Ring Long Land Arc303-321
15Water 7 Arc322-374
16Enies Lobby Arc375-430
17Post-Enies Lobby Arc431-441
18Thriller Bark Arc442-489
19Sabaody Archipelago Arc490-513
20Amazon Lily Arc514-524
21Impel Down Arc525-549
22Marineford Arc550-580
23Post-War Arc581-597
24Return to Sabaody Arc598-602
25Fishman Island Arc603-653
26Punk Hazard Arc654-699
27Dressrosa Arc700-801
28Zou Arc802-824
29Whole Cake Island Arc825-902
30Levely Arc903-908
31Wano Country Arc909-

One Piece Arcs Explained

1. Romance Dawn Arc

The first arc of the East Blue Saga it is. Romance Dawn Arc observes the journey of Luffy to progress towards being a Pirate King. He is motivated by the Red Hair Pirate, Shanks. Monkey D.Luffy’s path begins to pave when he finds Koby. Along with Koby, he reaches where Axe Hand Morgan is. While dealing with the corrupt captain, he gets Roronoa Zoro on board.

2. Orange Town Arc

Named after the town itself, this arc chronicles the fast-moving commotion within Orange Town. Luffy and Zoro accidentally chance upon Buggy a number of times. Buggy is a pirate clown. Amidst this chaos, they meet a burglar, Nami. Someone who hates pirates after much arguing joins hands with Luffy’s brewing team. The dubious three work to clear the disorder of Buggy.

3. Syrup Village Arc

Syrup Village Arc is a crucial stage where the squad is advancing in number and power. They make it to Syrup Village seeking a ship. Here, they meet their to-be teammate, Usopp, an incorrigible liar. The Straw Hat members battle against Kuro who’s to harm Kaya, Usopp’s friend. This clash not only tests Usopp’s mettle but also helps them get their Going Merry!

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4. Baratie Arc

Baratie is a sea restaurant where the Straw Hat members meet Sanji through the directions of Johnny and Yosaku. However, Don Kreig has set his eyes on Baratie for using it to go back as his own ship has been damaged. This arc features the marksmanship of Usopp, the betrayal of Nami, and an addition to the Straw Hat crew-Sanji.

5. Arlong Park Arc

The Arlong Park Arc happens as the Straw Hat Pirates depart to follow Nami. They land up at an island that belonged to Arlong, a Fish-man pirate. Nami happens to be a member of Arlong Pirates and she joined the Straw Hats to merely loot them. Here, the Fish-men are introduced and Nami’s past unfolds. Post this, Nami officially joins the crew.

5.1 Buggy Side Story Arc

The prime rival of Straw Hats in Orange Town Arc, Buggy along with his crew is to experience severe setbacks in this Arc. Having been badly defeated by them, he is on the go to recover his body parts. His thirst for revenge is at his peak. On the other hand, his crew is troubled into selecting a new Captain.

6. Loguetown Arc

Marking the end to the East Blue Saga is Loguetown which the Straw Hat Pirates visit last before heading to Grand Line. Loguetown is the birth and death place of Gold Roger. The crew is supposed to gather their supplies from here. This amass won’t be easy as a potent Marine officer, Smoker and a few other enemies stand in their way.

6.1 Warship Island Arc

Not based on the manga, Warship Island is crafted as a filler arc of the series. Alike other filler arcs it also has a light blending in from the novel. It involves a peculiar girl, Apis who has escaped from Branch-8 Marine ship. The Straw Hat Pirates come across Apis and assure her of their goodness. The Arc runs to define the struggles and help Apis receives all along.

7. Reverse Mountain Arc

The first arc of the Arabasta saga, the Reverse Mountain Arc is also known as the Laboon Arc. This arc focuses on the obstacle that comes in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates while they head on to the Reverse Mountain for entering the Grand Line. As they go further they find out that something is blocking their way. It is a gigantic whale that consumes the entire ship. 

8. Whiskey Peak Arc

Whiskey Peak is a town on Cactus Island. The first town that the Straw Hat Pirates visit after entering the Grand Line. The crew visits this town which supposedly welcomes the Pirates for joy and celebration. However, this is just a superficial disguise of the residents and their real self is soon revealed.

8.1 Koby and Helmeppo Arc

This Arc tells about the by-luck success of Koby and Helmeppo as they unwittingly engage in an escape mission by Morgan. Their strong and brave nature impresses their seniors including the Vice-Admiral Garp, thus earning them the opportunity of being trained by him. The two begin to serve under Garp as Marine cadets while their arduous training continues. 

9. Little Garden Arc

The Little Garden, a summer island with primitive plants and animals, is the next stop for the Straw Hats. The squad’s motive is to bring Princess Vivi to Arabasta. This uninhabited island with so many dinosaurs has two giants, Dorry and Brogy, too. Amidst this strange environment, the crew gets involved in a battle with four Baroque Works officers. 

10. Drum Island Arc

Drum Island is presently a country with no king that is trying to reform its government. We reach this island with the Straw Hats because of Nami’s sickness. She needs to be checked by a doctor and on this island, there is left only one doctor at the top of the mountain, Kureha. In this Arc we are introduced to Tony Tony Chopper, the doctor of the crew. 

11. Arabasta Arc

In an attempt to reach Alubarna before the beginning of the war, the Straw Hat Pirates reach Arabasta, a desert kingdom. However, Crocodile, the leader of Baroque Works, doesn’t want them to succeed. He along with his men stands in the way of their motive. This results in the occurrence of an intense battle between the Royal guards and rebels. 

11.1 Post-Arabasta Arc

Occurring after the Arabasta Arc, it is known as the Post-Arabasta Arc. The second filler Arc is focused on the lives of the Straw Hat mates. It tells us about the unchangeable past and desired future goals of the crew. Within 5 episodes, one can relish the remolded characters. However, we do not get to know about Luffy and Robin in this Arc.

11.2 Goat Island Arc

In this Arc, we find the Straw Hat members running and hiding from the Mariners. They lose track of where they are and end up on an unmapped island. They encounter an old man, Zenny with a number of goats which are probable treasures the Mariners are running after. The ‘good pirates’ help him while protecting themselves too.

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11.3 Ruluka Island Arc

After the end of the Goat Island Arc, the Straw Hats are seen wandering on another island which is under the dominance of an old cruel pirate. The weird man has an obsession with the invention of a Rainbow Tower associated with the Rainbow Mist. The Straw Hat’s Going Merry is trapped in this Rainbow Mist, only to face more complications.

12. Jaya Arc

With a heavy heart, the Straw Hats leave Vivi and resume their journey with their new member, an archaeologist, Ms All Sunday, better known as Nico Robin. The Sky Island Saga begins when a ship drops from the sky and the log pose directs upwards. The crew sets out to locate Jaya Island and find details about Sky Island too. 

13. Skypiea Arc

While riding the Knock Up Stream, the crew discovers that they are in the White Sea which is an ocean in the sky. They also come to know about the ongoing war between the Sky people and natives of Upper Yard. In this course of time, their plan of searching for gold in Skypiea is overtaken by the issues of the sky island due to the cruel god, Enel. 

13.1 G-8 Arc

G-8 Arc describes the challenges that come in the way of the Straw Hat Pirates whilst their Going Merry gets stuck in the Marine base. The crew reluctantly has to disband to save their lives and goals. They disguise and scatter in the base which is surrounded by the strong gush of waters. However, their motives are yet not dead and that’s what the Arc speaks to us.

14. Long Ring Long Land Arc

This Arc emphasizes the contest that takes place between Straw Hats and Foxy Pirates. Known as the ‘Davy Back Fight’, the winner of it could take crewmates from the losing team. Having outperformed the Foxy Pirates, they encounter another rival, Aokiji whom they have no hope of combating. This setting of the fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Aokiji is a special feature of this Arc. 

14.1 Ocean’s Dream Arc

This filler arc grounds the story for a Play Station video game of One Piece itself, known as the Ocean Dream. Taking place after the Long Ring Long Land Arc, Ocean’s Dream Arc sets the scene for the team’s entry at Water Seven. They have lost their memories and to proceed with their ambition, they must regain it.

14.2 Foxy’s Return Arc

The return of Foxy, Porsche and Hamburg is the notable incident of the seventh filler arc. The three have an acute encounter with the Straw Hat crew. The two groups begin to fight. The prime establish of this arc is about the subsequent rout of Foxy and his crew. We have also acquainted with Aokiji post this subplot within the same arc.

15. Water 7 Arc

The Straw Hats needed a shipbuilder as a crew member, hence, they reached the flourishing city of Water 7. Here, the squad not only disperses but also is caught up in the blame of an attempt to murder the Mayor of Water 7 who is the president of the Galley-La shipwright company too. The Straw Hats get into finding the real criminal and realize that the CP9 might be the mastermind behind this. 

16. Ennies Lobby Arc

Ennies Lobby is the base of CP9. With the goal of extricating Nico Robin, saving Franky, and requite Iceberg, the Straw Hats team up with the Franky Family and Galley-La Company. They raid the Ennies Lobby to oppose the World Government. This Arc highlights the growing vigour of the Straw Hats and the adieu to Going Merry. 

17. Post-Ennies Lobby Arc

Telling the readers or watchers about the Post-Ennies Lobby situation, this Arc reveals to us that no matter what the Pirates need to keep going. When they decided to rest after facing the adversities, their foes were back with new challenges. In this Arc, the Thousand Sunny is gained and Frank becomes the shipwright of Straw Hats. 

17.1 Ice Hunter Arc

Sometimes referred to as the Lovely Land Arc, this filler arc records the odyssey of Straw Hat Pirates from Water 7 towards the Florian Triangle. The Straw Hat Pirates are seen collaborating with Phoenix Pirates to get their Jolly Roger back. Phoenix Pirates are too a victim of the Accino Family, the most talked-about bounty pursuers.

18. Thriller Bark Arc

The Thriller Bark Arc enlists the ghosts, zombies and Warlord of the Sea Gecko Moria that expect the arrival of the Straw Hats who are busy exploring the Florian Triangle. The crew encounters a mysterious barrel which ignites on opening up. Further, they are misled by a haunted ship to the scary island, Thriller Bark. In this Arc, the new pal to them is Brook,  a living skeleton. 

18.1 Spa Island Arc

The name of the island doesn’t match its meaning much. After the end of the previously mentioned arc, the Straw Hat Pirates plan to catch up on some ME time but have to discard their idea soon. The crew meet two sisters fact-finding for their father’s dream and from there on the consequent events turn the tables for everyone. In this episode, we learn about Brook and the way he copes with changes around him.

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19. Sabaody Archipelago Arc

This Arc brings a turnabout with the defeat of the Straw Hat Pirates despite their growing power. Reaching the Red Line, the team looks for a means to land at the Fish-man Island but get distracted as usual. They get stuck in the process of saving their old rival from a slave-trading ring and the situations keep engaging them in different conflicts repeatedly. 

19.1 Special Historical Arc

A significant Arc, it is an anime-only Arc based on a substitute universe about 19th Century Japan that narrates the plot via different One Piece characters. In one phase, we see Buggy annoying the owners of the shop and in the other the Straw Hats at The Pinwheel. When they come to know about Buggy’s deeds, the virtuous Pirates get into action. 

20. Amazon Lily Arc

After defeating the Straw Hats badly, Kuma propels each member to different islands by air. Focused on Luffy, the Arc tells us how he is sent soaring in the air, smashing the lands of Amazon Lily, a maiden Island that kills men on sight. The women on this Island were the followers of the Warlord of the Sea Boa Hancock.

21. Impel Down Arc

Luffy must find his crewmates but before that, he wants to save his sibling, Ace, from the prison underwater, Impel Down. With the aid of Boa, he intrudes the area but he isn’t aware of how challenging the step he has taken, might be. He needs to complete this before the clash between the Whitebeard Pirates and World Government commences. 

21.1 Little East Blue Arc

An extra special Arc because of its Anime-only feature, the four-episode Little East Blue is supposed to be a part of the One Piece Film: Strong World. This arc is a heart-pounding one as the Straw Hat Pirates will be viewed withstanding Largo and his crew after they land on the Little East Blue Island.

22. Marineford Arc

In the company of the failed performance to rescue his brother, Luffy with the other escapees of Impel Down follows to Marineford where Ace has been shifted. Within the limited time, Luffy must do something to save the life of Ace. On the other hand, future events might complicate due to the development of the clash between the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government. 

23. Post-War Arc

The world is taken aback by the death of Whitebeard leading mayhem to overflow all along the Grand Line. Concurrently, Luffy is shaken by Ace’s demise but he is back on duty again as he decides to look for the rest of the crew which is no less salient to him. In this Arc, Sabo and the three forms of Haki are introduced. 

24. Return to Sabaody Arc

Also known as the Straw Hats Return, it is the first Arc in the Fish-man Island Saga. It gives a slight view of the events after two years since the Marineford Arc. The crew had been training strenuously since then and now it’s the time for them to reunify. The Return to Sabaody Arc denotes the beginning of the second part of the series. 

25. Fishman Island Arc

After their unison, the crew begins its undersea travel to Fish-man Island. A local clairvoyant claims that Luffy will be destroying the Fish-man Island which leads them to be framed as criminals. This isn’t enough; the coalition of Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX strategise to take charge of the Ryugu Kingdom. The Arc highlights the entry of Joy Boy and Shirahoshi as the present Poseidon. 

25.1 Z’s Ambition Arc

The tenth filler arc doesn’t fail to show us the probity of Straw Hat Pirates too. Lily Enstomach’s father is captured by Momonga and the noble crew contends with him to free her father. The Maubeugemour Sea witnesses the challenge that comes upon Luffy as Shuzo of the Neo Marines attempts to execute him. Regardless of the situation, Luffy fights back boldly!

26. Punk Hazard Arc

The never off duty Straw Hats reach Punk Hazard via the call for help for the people who told that they are being assaulted by a samurai. Luff instantly embarks on the blazing island with Smoker closely following him. The Straw Hats met their rivals as they kept exploring the apparently dangerous, vacant and absurd island.

26.1 Caesar Retrieval Arc

The plan of knocking down Donquixote Doflamingo and Kaidou is obviated because of a mysterious stranger on board the Thousand Sunny. The man with bizarre powers kidnaps the captive of the Straw Hats. The crew which was heading towards Dressrosa is now required to get back their scientist, Caesar along with their allies, the Heart Pirates. If they don’t, then their plan fails.

27. Dressrosa Arc

The alliance of Straw Hats, Law, Kin’emon and Momonosuke progress towards Dressrosa with their hostage, Caesar. So, that they can negotiate a deal with Doflamingo to destroy his factory and free the samurai’s pal. However, situations change when the secrets of Doflamingo and Dressrosa unfold. Luffy targets the obtain of Devil Fruit while the other Straw Hats face specks of an uprising among the natives.

27.1 Silver Mine Arc

Some filler arcs are roped into particular movies and this arc is one of them too. Featuring in the movie One Piece Film: Gold, this arc decodes the tumults Moneky D. Luffy and Bartolomeo go through. They have been kidnapped by the Silver Pirate Alliance and to control the situation they must escape the fortification located on the huge Silver Mine.

28. Zou Arc

Having vanquished Doflamingo, the Straw Hats go ahead with their journey to Zou along with Law and the Samurai in order to reunify with the rest of Straw Hats and Momonsuke. They run into the Mink Tribes and get to know about Sanji being tangled up in his family issues and Zou being in a blockade by Jack of the Beast Pirates. Disclosures about the connections of Kaidou with these Pirates startle them and prepare the track towards Straw Hat’s utmost goal: One Piece.

28.1 Marine Rookie Arc

The thirteenth filler arc lays emphasis on the costs that one of the opponent teams of Straw Hats pay to get Sanji. Known as the Sanji Retrieval Team, the squad has no more of its food left. To reach the Whole Cake island, they’ll need more supplies of food. Thus, they slink into a Marine base positioned on the Fron Island to furnish themselves.

29. Whole Cake Island Arc

All the credit for a thought-provoking episode goes to its arc. The Whole Cake Island is about the Straw Hats rescuing Sanji from his politically arranged marriage involving the Charlotte and Vinsmoke families. However, they get trapped in the hidden motives of the family and become allies with Jinbe, Caesar and the Fire Tank Pirates to knock down Big Mom.

30. Levely Arc

The undertaking of the Straw Hats regarding the Big Mom Pirates becomes a matter of the moment as the royalty get together for the Levely at Mary Geoise. On the other hand, the Revolutionary army begins to prepare for their next move in full swing and Big Mom speaks to Kaidou about Luffy. In this Arc, we learn about the unconfirmed chances of Luffy becoming the fifth emperor

31. Wano Country Arc

An arc filled with alliances, revelations and drama, it involves Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai assembling in the Wano Country to fight the Beast Pirates. After knowing about the history of Kozuki Oden and his connections with Wano Country, Whiteboard and Roger, the coalition assail Onigashmia to demolish the alliance of Kaidou and Big Mom. Post the Levely, the world goes through major changes too.

31.1 Cidre Guild Arc

The Cidre Guild, a group of bounty pursuers attack the Straw Hats which leads the crew to drop the anchor at a closeby Island. The squad has decided to mend and refill the Thousand Sunny. In the meanwhile, Luffy runs into Boa Hancock who aids him to free the island from the tyranny of the Cidre Guild. In this arc, the Straw Hats become aware of the Pirates Festival.

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