Solo Leveling Arcs

Solo Leveling Arc is an upshot of action, adventure, and fantasy under one brainiac’s roof. A South Korean web novel by Chugong speaks through its title- Only I Level Up!

Solo Leveling entered as an unpublished novel in February 2014 and was serialized in KakaoPage in July 2016. The manhwa conversion began on March 4, 2018, with its popularity today reaching the extent of the planning of the production of a game and drama. If the fame sounds so interesting, wonder about the plot.

Sung Jin Woo is a low-rank and unskillful hunter who lives in a world of hunters and dungeons. As a hunter, he is to safeguard humanity from devastation by lethal monsters, using his magical abilities but he fails as always. Solo Leveling touches on the daring journey of Woo that begins after the life-changing point that takes place during one of his encounters. An E-rank hunter becomes an S-ranker!

Solo Leveling Manhwa Arcs 

Solo Leveling Manhwa Arcs

Believing that such a riveting and hair-raising manhwa is solely the product of slight brain working and an outline would be demeaning it. The leveling up of the protagonist inch by inch owes to the neatly worked out manhwa arcs. The manhwa story arcs are fastidious yet simple to perceive, making it worth the audience’s time and energy. Jang-Sung-Rak (aka Dubu), the illustrator of this series defines the sound of the success of this captivating series through the 21 manhwa arcs. 

1D-Rank Dungeon Arc1-10
2Reawakening Arc11-12
3Instant Dungeon Arc13-17
4Dungeon & Lizards Arc18-24
5Dungeon & Prisoners Arc25-34
6Yoo Jinho Raid Party Arc35-37
7Job Change Arc38-45
8Red Gate Arc46-55
9Demon Castle Arc56-61
10Retesting Rank Arc61-64
11Hunters Guild Gate Arc65-75
12Return to Demon Castle Arc76-89
13Jeju Island Arc90-107
14Recruitment Arc108-110
15Ahjin Guild Arc111-122
16Double Dungeon Arc123-131
17Japan Crisis Arc132-139
18International Guild Conference Arc140-149
19Monarchs War Arc150-166
20Final Battle Arc167-177

Solo Leveling Arcs Explained

1. D-Rank Dungeon Arc 

Sung Jin-Woo, an E-Rank hunter, is on a D-Rank search of dungeons. The hunters find an unseen dungeon which is their second score. This dungeon is inside the gate, and the hunters plan to examine it, but to their bad luck, it is a trap in which they are pinned down and attacked at the slightest error.

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2. Reawakening Arc 

Sung Jin Woo has clung to his life post the Double Dungeon mission as he is seen waking up after three days in a local hospital. He learns about the System, a supernatural application or sort of a video game that upskills him with every search.

3. Instant Dungeon Arc 

After charging up the audience in the previous story arcs, Instant Dungeon Arc marks the beginning of Jin Woo’s progress. He obtains the key of an instant dungeon of E-Rank and goes for the quest all by himself for the very first time.

4. Dungeon and Lizards Arc 

In the hope of making some quick cash and gaining the scores for experience, Sung enters a strike squad for a dungeon of C-Rank. Unfortunately, the friendly and matey hunters he comes across aren’t actually what they are trying to showcase.

5. Dungeon and Prisoners Arc 

This Story Arc is about the reunion of the survivors of the Double Dungeon, taking in Lee Joohee and Song Chi-Yul with Jin Woo for one last hunting. This mission is hindered by the unexpected menace brought to them by a troop of provisional prisoners and their boss, Kang Taeshik.

6. Yoo Jinho Raid Party Arc 

Following their contract, Jin Woo and Jinho form an assorted raid union in order to initiate the wiping out of the C-Rank dungeons lawfully. Anyway, the quick steps to their operation draw the notice of Ahn Sangmin, a dignified and upper-rank employee of the White Tiger Guild.

7. Job Change Arc 

Yes, it is the change of job for Sung Jin Woo. He gets an alert regarding a hunt from the System and is transferred to some other instant dungeon. There he chances upon a troop of shielded soldiers and a strange red chevalier protecting an empty throne. 

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8. Red Gate Arc 

To make Han Song-Yi, an E-Rank fresher and his sister’s friend, aware of the hazards of the quests, Jin-Woo contacts Ahn. The two manage to grab positions in one of the training exercises of the White Guild for recruits. Things go wrong when they are cornered inside a Red Gate. 

9. Demon Castle Arc 

Jin Woo sets out for the Demon Castle, an instant dungeon of S-Rank created by the System. To his good luck, he uncovers the method of making the Holy Water Of Life, an elixir capable of curing his long-term ill mother. 

10. Retesting Rank Arc 

Jin Woo has obtained two out of the three components to make the Holy Water of Life. Now, he embarks on his journey back to the human world as he wants to upgrade to a new rank. 

11. Hunters Guild Gate Arc 

As Jin Woo is seen loving the taste of back-to-back feats, he gears himself up for every opportunity that comes in his way. While awaiting his S-Rank License, he thinks of trying out the dungeon raids of A-Rank to obtain an experience for himself. Thus, he participates in a mining team operating under the Hunters Guild. 

12. Return to Demon Castle Arc 

To procure the third and last ingredient of the elixir, Holy Water Of Life, Jin-Woo returns to Demon Castle. On his way, he meets Esil Radiru, an amiable fiend noble who proposes to direct him to Baran, the Demon King and the ultimate chief of the Castle, at the cost of the lives of his community. 

13. Jeju Island Arc

Now that Jin Woo’s mother has recovered from Eternal Slumber, he wants to look after her. Thus, he decides not to take part in the Jeju Island quest but the situations do not favor him and compel him to reform his opinion. He reluctantly joins the raid when the horrific ant begins devouring the S-Ranks mercilessly.

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14. Recruitment Arc 

A simple Story Arc it is. The Recruitment Arc is about the meeting of Jin Woo with Norma Sellner. Norma is an upgrader, performing for the American Government. Jin Woo gets the opportunity to connect with the official at Min Byung-Gyu’s funeral. 

15. Ahjin Guild Arc 

The Ahjin Guild is the personal brand of Jin Woo. After forming his guild, he concurs to aid the Knights Guild to clear a premier A-Rank gate on their lawn for an emolument. On the other hand, something goes horribly wrong at the school where Jinnah studies.

16. Double Dungeon Arc 

Jin Woo is confused about the origin of his powers. Hence he goes back to the Double Dungeon in an attempt to discover the fact of the matter. However, the Architect, the facilitator, do not want to clear his doubts. Thus, they keep shut and delay his answers. 

17. Japan Crisis Arc 

The emergence of the S-Rank gate in Tokyo was out of the blue. So was the disappointment caused by the S-Rank strike squad due to the Japanese Government. In such dire situations, it became necessary for Jin Woo to get involved and take charge. 

18. International Guild Conference Arc 

Jin Woo has been invited as the Korean representative at the reputable and honoured International Guild Conference. During this time, a foregone calamity with the tag of Monarchs brings about their rematch with the Rulers, their perishable and fatal enemies, by first assassinating Christopher Reed, one of the vessels of the Seven Rulers.

19. Monarchs War Arc 

The Monarchs keep pursuing the vessels of the Rulers in the human world by killing one in Brazil and another one in Korea and apparently kill Jin Woo too after he unwittingly makes himself their prey. To their misfortune which owes to their egotism, they miscalculated his powers by delaying the destruction of his dead body. 

20. Final Battle Arc 

Jin Woo has learned to survive and upskill to survive. In his clash with the Monarchs, having completely soaked the abilities of the Shadow Monarch, he does the necessary homework for the mightiest challenge, which will be the battle with Antares, the most powerful Monarch and the King of Dragons. 

21. Epilogue  

Finally, Jin-Woo has come a long way and conquered the much-needed victory for humanity and himself. The Monarchs have been executed and humans saved from absolute destruction. The ‘solo leveler’ is yet not done, and he time travels to the past to rescue the people he lost and redefine history. 

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