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Each film serves a specific purpose for the audience. Sad films especially keep the audience more connected to the situation. The sad anime movie will allow you to think about every moment that is shown in the anime movie.

Here is a list of 25 sad anime movies with fascinating stories and animation. Each story has a different concept and ideology. The story will completely change your mind and probably add something to your daily life.

25. Hal


It is a story based in the advanced future where robots have reached a high level of intelligence and can be programmed to completely act like a human.

A guy named Hal dies in an accident, so a robot copy of him is created to take his place so that his girlfriend Kurumi can move on in life. The movie breaks your heart but also makes sure to heal it up with a beautifully crafted storyline.

24. The Dog of Flanders

The Dog of Flanders

The Dog of Flanders is a story set in 1872. The film explores the plight of a boy who lost his mother when he was 2 years old. He is sent off to live with his grandfather.

They also adopted a dog and life was good. Despite the young age the boy works to support family. But the sudden death of his grandfather turns his already difficult life on a sad path.

The story The Dog of Flanders communicates the hard life of a young child and the message of compassion for every living being.

23. Anju to Zushiou Maru

Anju to Zushiou Maru

This is one of those sad anime movies that will hit you to your core. The movie came out in 1961, so it very beautifully represents the situations of that era. Also the vintage animation style is very aesthetic and pleasing to watch.

It is a story about two siblings who were forced into slavery after they got separated from their parents. Their happy and peaceful life turns into darkness but they are still not giving up and hope for a better future.

22. When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There

The story describes a beautiful friendship between Anna and Marnie. A true friendship that highlights an innocence in the friendship. Anna is living with a family but lives a very dull life. One fine day she gets in contact with Marnie.

Slowly the friendship grows and turns into a stronger each day they spare together. One day Marnie shares a secret with Anna and requests her not to share it with the world. The time they meet is the summer season.

Their friendship continues with time. The entire anime movie is based on the friendship and the secret she shares with her. Enjoy the friendship till the end and add your views. 

21. In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World 1

The story is set in the post World War 2 era where life is hard for everybody, especially the poor. The movie is about the story of a girl who gets married at a very young age. Her struggle after marriage is shown in this anime movie.

An inspiring and sad anime movie will surely bring tears to your eyes. A simple story with complications in her life. If you feel low in your life, this is the best movie to watch. The stars of the reviews and the love from the audience state the creation. 

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20. Windaria


Windaria is the story of an ambitious farmer who gets caught up between the fight of two rival nations. To save his village from the utter chaos, he decides to accept the job of a message carrier.

But unaware of the fact that he’s been played by the higher ups, he without realizing becomes the main proponent of the destruction of a kingdom and its people.

The story is sad and suspenseful. If you love such anime movies, Windaria is the best anime movie to watch.

19. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Children Who Chase Lost Voices 1

A song changed the life of Asuna completely. Asuna is fond of listening to the songs from her crystal radio. One day she gets transported into the world of warriors and her life completely changes.

The anime movie is all about how the state of her living changes and what happens when she gets in contact with the warriors.

Know the entire story of Asuna and cherish the imaginative creation. Also, it is one of the saddest anime movies of all time, so do not assume it to be some kind of a fairy tale.

18. Oseam


Oseam is a sad and sweet story of two orphaned children who are adopted by Buddhist monks. The older sibling is a girl named Gamie who is blind and the younger sibling is a boy called Gil-sun.

While Gamie is very calm and composed, Gil-sun is very enthusiastic. When Gamie tells her brother that she saw their mother in the dream Gil-sun also wishes to see her too. So he goes to a monk and asks for his help.

The movie makes you feel sad for the little kids but also is quite heart warming.

17. Swimming to Sea

Swimming to Sea

To put it simply, Swimming to Sea is ‘Finding Nemo’ on steroids. Consider being trapped in a place, where death is the only outcome.

It is the story of a wild marine fish named Flappy who gets trapped in a fishing net and sold as a result when he is kept in a tank to be cooked later on.

Flappy doesn’t lose the will to survive and decides to free himself from the clutches of death and takes help of other fishes in the tank in doing so. If you love watching aqua anime movies, swimming in the sea is a good option for you to watch.

16. Ringing Bell

Ringing Bell

Chirin is a young and highly energetic lamb who lives on a farm with her mother and other sheeps. One day a wolf brutally attacks his mother and Chirin watches this horrific incident right before his eyes and the mother dies on the spot.

This brings a transformational change in Chirin life and he decides to exact revenge on that wolf by killing him. Everyday he tries to be strong mentally and physically to face the biggest enemy of his life.

15. From Up on Poppy Hill

From Up on Poppy Hill 1

A story of Japan that will inspire you to cherish the good moments of your past and save it at all costs. The movie is mainly about two high school students who are fighting to protect their school’s clubhouse from demolition.

But they are fighting none other than the government of Japan who wants to construct infrastructure for the upcoming Olympic games at that place. 

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14. Run Melos!

Run Melos

The movie is as sad as it can get but that’s the beauty of this anime movie. It is a story of a person named Melos who is wrongly accused to be an assassin by the King and is sentenced to Death.

Melos requests three days’ time for his sister’s wedding. The King agrees if someone else comes forth to die in Melos’ place if he doesn’t return. The movie has all the ingredients to be called a masterpiece.

13. The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises 1

The story of a young boy named Jiro who loves the sky and the objects flying in the sky. But because of his poor eyesight, he couldn’t be a fighter pilot. So he then decides to pursue his education in the interest he has.

He decides to be an aircraft designer and build two fighter jets. And later they were used in the second world war. The title itself is inspiring and the entire anime movie will motivate you for sure.

This is an inspiring story that affirms that if you have an iron will, you’ll achieve everything.

12. Ushiro no Shoumen Dare

Ushiro no Shoumen Dare

This sad anime movie is set in 1941 and is about a girl named Kayoko who lives a happy life with her family and friends. She is unaware of the fact that the World is getting ready for a big war.

People in Japan are supporting their army and Kayoko is rooting for them but nobody is aware about what’s gonna happen in 1945 in Japan which will change their lives forever.

The movie will make you feel for the little girl and you’ll always be rooting for her.

11. Barefoot Gen

Barefoot Gen

An emotional story of the people living in Japan. The effects of the attack on Japan in 1945 are explained here in this sad anime movie. 

It is a story of a young boy named Gen, who lives in Hiroshima with his family. They work hard to survive because of poverty and persecution. But when a nuclear bomb gets dropped on Hiroshima, Gen’s life changes forever but he is still hopeful for the future.

An emotional and heart-touching story of the people that will let you know how to recover and strive harder after facing hardships.

10. 5 Centimeters per Second

5 Centimetres per Second

An emotional story of two friends that will bring tears to your eyes. Takaki and Akari are studying in the same school. And time brings them closer and the informal friend relationship changes into a good friend relationship.

Had a great time together. They create memories that will not be erased in the future. One day, for some reason, Akari and her family decided to move to another city.

And so the distance and attachment between the two souls increases. An emotional touch that defines true friendship is perfectly engraved in this anime movie.

9. The Garden of Words

The Garden of Words 1

The whole story is the conversation of two souls of different ages. Hence the anime movie concludes, age is just a number. Get the anime movie on Netflix and cherish your moment.

Here is a beautiful description of the true relationship between a young boy and an old woman. A lonely boy decided to go to the garden once. He loves the greenery around him enough and decides to garden every day.

One day he meets an old woman in the garden and he feels very good talking to her. In the conversation, the older woman expresses herself and her life. The whole story is a conversation between two souls of different ages.

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8. The House of Small Cubes

The House of Small Cubes

A man trying to increase the length of his house by adding bricks. As the floodwater is rising and the man faces difficulty, he tries to elongate his house by adding the bricks.

The entire story is described in the same form. Get connected with funny and sad anime movies.

7. The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya 1

It is a fictional story about a little nymph inside a bamboo stalk that transforms into a beautiful woman. The story progresses with the young woman.

This anime movie will entertain you till the end. Also, the story has an emotional touch, don’t miss a single moment and enjoy it till the end.

6. Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie

Homura fights alone in a world left behind by Madoka for humankind, but the return of her memory leads to a shocking discovery.

An interesting suspenseful movie that will entertain you and you will love to watch it till the end.

5. Violet Evergarden Movie

Violet Evergarden Movie

Violet Evergarden, a ghostwriter, loses her mentor Major Gilbert. After losing him, she decided to continue her job. The whole story revolves around ghostwriting and the way she expresses her feelings.

There is a beautiful story of the author and her experiences. Stay in touch with anime movies and save your time by creating memories with anime movies.

4. Spirited Away

Spirited Away 1

The story of a little girl and her family. A 10-year-old girl and her family suddenly stumbled across the park. Her mother and father turn into giant pigs. The whole story is told in the same way.

If you like to watch fantasy movies, Spirited Away anime movies are the best to watch and enjoy. This anime movie will give you comfort as it is the best sad anime movie on Netflix.

3. Grave of the Fireflies

Grave of the Fireflies

Here is a heart-touching story of a brother and his younger sister. He lost his mother in a fire during World War II and his life became miserable. The struggle for survival is shown here in anime movies.

The two decide to stay together for life. The story will surely bring tears to your eyes. Also, this is the most popular anime series with better commentary.

2. Hotarubi no Mori e

Hotarubi no Mori e

It is the story of a young girl and her friends with Gin. Later she gets connected with a stranger. The man is in a mask and she remembers that she met him when she was six.

And the story begins with a conversation and memories. The entire anime movie is based on a stranger and a girl.

1. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice 1

Centered around bullying, its consequences, and an attempt at deliverance, this anime recites a heartbreaking story of a young girl named Shoko and her bully Shoya.

As a young girl Shoko is bullied by Shoya to a suicidal level and had to move away from the city. She is guaranteed admission to another school and continues her life with new friends and environment.

What follows next is a series of Shoya’s heartfelt remorse and an attempt to reconcile his deeds as a child.

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