One punch man One Punch Man Introduces Two New Characters Paying Homage to the classics

In an exciting development, One-Punch Man Chapter 188 unveils two new characters who bear a striking resemblance to the main protagonists of the beloved samurai anime, Samurai Champloo. With nods to Shinichiro Watanabe’s iconic series, these new additions bring an intriguing twist to the world of One-Punch Man.

New Characters Inspired by Samurai Champloo

Chapter 188 of One-Punch Man delves into the aftermath of the Council of Swordmasters’ battle with the Monster Association. Among the remnants of the group, we meet Nichirin, the surviving elder, who is joined by two children of fallen swordmaster comrades. One of these characters, named Shido, draws inspiration from Samurai Champloo’s glasses-wearing ronin, Jin. With his tall stature, black hair, dark-coloured robes, and distinctive glasses, Shido embodies the essence of Jin’s quiet and skilful nature.

The second character, Yuta, introduces a unique design not directly derived from Samurai Champloo. However, her behavior and dynamic with Shido bear resemblance to Mugen, the wild and unpredictable member of the Samurai Champloo trio. Armed with twin blades, Yuta adds a thrilling element to the pair’s interactions, evoking memories of the captivating chemistry between Mugen and Jin.

An Homage and Respectful Nod

One-Punch Man has often paid tribute to other anime and manga series through its characters, and Shido’s resemblance to Jin is no exception. Rather than being a parody, Shido serves as a respectful homage to the blue-robed samurai, with his name carrying a fitting meaning: “the way of chivalry.” Fans of Samurai Champloo can find solace in knowing that their beloved character is being honored and revered in One-Punch Man’s narrative.

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One-Punch Man’s Evolving Story

As One-Punch Man continues to introduce new elements and characters, it embarks on a fresh narrative direction. The incorporation of references to Samurai Champloo highlights the series’ willingness to explore new territories and engage with other iconic works. These intriguing connections indicate that exciting changes are on the horizon for One-Punch Man’s evolving storyline.


The introduction of Shido and Yuta in One-Punch Man Chapter 188 brings an exciting homage to the classic anime Samurai Champloo. With their striking resemblances to Jin and Mugen, these new characters add depth and intrigue to the series. As One-Punch Man expands its narrative horizons, fans can look forward to further surprises and captivating storytelling that pays tribute to the legacy of beloved anime.

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