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Excitement stirs among Naruto fans as leaked pages from the upcoming Naruto: Minato manga offer a glimpse into what awaits readers. The highly anticipated one-shot manga is scheduled for a worldwide release on Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

Leaked spoilers reveal that Minato and Team Jiraiya are about to face a formidable challenge as they encounter two powerful Tailed Beasts. Adding to the intrigue, the Hidden Leaf Shinobi will also confront the Jinchuriki of these Tailed Beasts. While these characters have received limited attention in the past, this one-shot manga presents an opportunity for them to shine.

Team Jiraiya Faces Former Jinchurikis in Naruto: Minato Manga

The leaked pages from the Naruto: Minato manga feature captivating colored illustrations showcasing Team Jiraiya and the two Jinchuriki.

While fans may initially focus on Team Jiraiya, eager to see these two lesser-explored members in action, it is crucial to pay attention to two other significant characters in the panels.

A fan’s tweet suggests that this story may take place during the Third Ninja War. It is speculated that Minato defeats both Roshi, the Four-Tailed Beast Son Goku’s former Jinchuriki, and Han, the Five-Tailed Beast Kokuo’s former Jinchuriki, during this encounter. This could potentially explain the Stone Village’s “flee on sight” order for Minato and serve as the inspiration for the creation of the Rasengan technique.

The spotlight, however, falls on the Tailed Beasts themselves—Son Goku and Kokuo—featured prominently in the colored pages. Additionally, a closer look reveals the presence of their respective Jinchuriki, Roshi and Han.

While the Naruto manga briefly introduced these characters, their stories were not extensively explored, aside from providing some backstory and their connection to their Tailed Beasts.

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The Naruto: Minato manga presents an opportunity for fans to witness Team Jiraiya’s confrontation with these Jinchuriki. The stunning artwork and character designs suggest that this encounter takes place during the Third Shinobi World War, offering fans a chance to learn more about Han and Roshi’s roles and missions during this turbulent time.

About the Jinchuriki, Roshi and Han?

Roshi and Han are former Jinchuriki, having once housed the Four-Tailed Beast Son Goku and Five-Tailed Beast Kokuo, respectively. Both hailed from the Hidden Stone Village and were later reanimated by Kabuto to participate in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Roshi, during his lifetime, embarked on a journey to hone his control over the Four-Tailed Beast, leaving his village behind. Meanwhile, Han earned fame as the fastest Taijutsu user of his time. While limited information is available, Han’s friendly nature was well-known, and Roshi was characterized as a determined and headstrong individual, much like the Third Tsuchikage, Onoki.

With the release of the Naruto: Minato manga, fans can eagerly anticipate delving deeper into the stories of Roshi and Han, gaining further insight into their characters and witnessing their battles against Team Jiraiya.

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