Get ready for a wild ride as the highly anticipated Episode 2 of the hit anime series, Helck, is about to hit the screens. Based on the popular manga by Nanaki Nanao, Helck has captured the hearts of fans with its unique blend of comedy and action. In the previous episode, we were introduced to the enigmatic protagonist, Helck, a human Hero thrown into a fierce competition to become the next Demon Lord. While Helck may seem invincible, one character stands out as a thorn in his side—Vermilio.

Vermilio, in her relentless pursuit to eliminate Helck from the competition, comes up with various schemes, only to be hilariously thwarted time and again. From tampering with his dish to undermine him, only to be overwhelmed by its sheer deliciousness, Vermilio’s efforts continuously fall flat. The comedic brilliance of Helck lies in the stark contrast between his effortless success and Vermilio’s futile attempts to outsmart him.

The first episode laid a solid foundation for the series, showcasing Helck’s extraordinary skills and his ability to effortlessly overcome any obstacle in his path. With its captivating plot and moments of lighthearted humor, Helck promises an anime experience that will keep viewers entertained and laughing throughout.

Episode 2 of Helck is set to delve deeper into the story, offering viewers hilarious encounters, unexpected twists, and an internal struggle between Helck’s humanity and the demon world he finds himself in. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of laughter, as Helck continues to charm with its unique blend of wit and action.

Mark your calendars! Helck Episode 2 is scheduled to release on June 19, 2023. Here are the release timings for different regions:

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Time ZoneDateTime
Indian Standard TimeTuesday, July 18, 202310:00 PM
Central European TimeTuesday, July 18, 20236:30 PM
New YorkTuesday, July 18, 202312:30 PM
Pacific TimeTuesday, July 18, 20239:30 AM
Eastern European TimeTuesday, July 18, 20236:30 PM
Japanese Standard TimeWednesday, July 19, 202301:30 AM
Australian Capital TerritoryWednesday, July 19, 20232:30 AM
Singapore Standard TimeWednesday, July 19, 202312:30 AM
Korean Standard TimeWednesday, July 19, 20231:30 AM

Now, for all the eager fans wondering where to watch Helck Episode 2, you’re in luck! The episode will be available on Japanese networks such as NTV and BS NTV. For international viewers, you can catch all the action on Hidive. So grab your popcorn, gather your friends, and get ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey with Helck Episode 2!

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