Highlights from famous anime twin girls

I am a big fan of anime twin girls and have probably watched a lot of anime having twin sisters in the main plot. It is fun to watch two identical-looking girls with different personalities interacting with each other.

Some relationships are funny, some serious, and some very creepy but all are equally entertaining.

In this post, you’ll be looking at 15 Popular Anime Twins Girls and discover what makes them special.

15. Ram & Rem

Anime: Re:ZERO

Ram Rem
About Ram

Ram is the elder twin. She hails from the clan of Orge. She has pink hair and is good at fighting, cooking, and everything else. She learned most of these skills while working as a maid for Roswal-sama. She is stone-hearted and doesn’t care what others think about her. 

About Rem

Rem is the younger twin and is always looked down on in front of her elder sister Ram. From the beginning, she has been close to her sister. She is shy and an introvert. She looks like Ram, except her hair is blue, and has a slightly bigger chest. Unlike her sister, she is very polite and kind-hearted.

Ram & Rem Relationship

Ram doesn’t bother about most people but when it comes to her sister Rem, she cares deeply for her. Their share a strong bond and the two can do anything for each other. While Rem is meek and reserved, Ram stands up for her sister at all times. 

14. Nana & Momo Deviluke 

Nana Momo

Anime: To LOVE-Ru

About Nana 

Nana is gifted with the ability to communicate with animals. She belongs to the family of Devilukes who are famous for possessing unique abilities. On the outside, she presents herself as a sadistic, rude, and shot-tempered personality but from the inside, she is actually a kind-hearted and helpful person.

About Momo 

The youngest princess of Deviluke is named Mono. Like her name, she is cute and childish. Momo is a clever genius who uses her looks to get away with the truth of her being a pervert who is always fantasizing ecchi dreams about her dream crush Rito. 

Nana & Momo Relationship

Nana and momo share a close bond. Since childhood, their elder sister Lala had a big role in sorting out their small disputes. Despite having different views about school, love, and relationships both live together like best friends.  

13. Mairu & Kururi Orihara

Anime: Durarara!!

Mairu Kururi
About Kururi

Kururi is 14, she has brown hair and is reserved and less expressive. She is much more sensible than her twin sister and often calms down her sister Mairu. 

About Mairu

Mairu looks quite similar to her sister but her personality is entirely different. She is cheerful, outspoken, and perverted. She also has long brown hair tied in braids. She is confident and friendly but when she is online, she acts like her sister.

 Mairu & Kururi Relationship

On their older brother’s advice, the twin girls decided to never adapt any similarity from each other. So they decided to assign each other distinct personalities so they can be totally different but at the same time compensate for each other’s shortcomings.

12. Chii & Freya

Anime: Chobits

Chii Freya
About Freya

Freya is the older twin sister of Chii. She is a highly advanced robot who can feel love and emotions. Freya falls for her creator who already loves someone else. In an attempt to suppress her emotions she ends up getting her system malfunctioned.

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About Chii

Chii is the younger twin of Freya. She was created to support Freya and get her out of her depression. She is an innocent and curious bot who desires to find someone that’s just made for her. 

Chii & Freya Relationship

Chii and Freya share one of the strongest twin sisters’ bonds. Chii tries hard to get Freya out of her lovesickness but she fails. Freya’s last wish was that Chii should find “the one just for her” so she doesn’t get heartbroken like her.

11. Yuzuru & Kaguya Yamai

Anime: Date a Live II

Yuzuru Kaguya Yamai
About Yuzuru

Yuzuru is a beautiful curvaceous astral spirit. Her looks match with her twin but their personalities are the complete opposite. Yuzuru likes to speak in a robotic tone and wherever she gets the opportunity, she sneers at her sister. 

About Kaguya

Oppoite to Yuzuru, Kaguya is quite an extrovert. Kaguya prides herself on being an astral spirit and tries to act cool to make herself look superior. But her shenanigans often make her object for teasing by her friends. She also gets embarrassed easily.

Yuzuru & Kaguya Relationship

The twin spirits sisters are astral spirits. Initially, they were part of one entity called Yamai. After the spirit of Yamai split into two, Yuzuru & Kaguya came into existence. The two often fight with each other to decide who is the real Yamai. Although the two fight, the only thing they want is each other’s happiness.

10. Riko & Ako Suminoe

Anine: Kiss x Sis

Riko Ako Suminoe
About Ako

Ako is the older twin sister of Riko. She is a bright student and is also good at doing household chores. She looks identical to her sister except that she ties her hair differently.

About Riko

Riko is the younger one. She is lazy and bad at her studies which makes her entirely opposite to her sister. She is not interested in any physical activities and loves spending time laying back. When it comes to expressing her love, she doesn’t hold back and goes all the way.

Riko & Ako Relationship

Despite all ods, there is one similarity between the two. Both anime twin sisters are madly in love with their stepbrother and often compete with each other to get his affections. Their disagreements often fades away when someone else try to lay hands on their stepbrother.

9. Linze & Elze Silhoueska

Anime: In Another World With My Smartphone

Linze Elze Silhoueska

About Linze

Linze is the younger twin of Elze. Elze doesn’t like to socialize much and is confined to herself only. Her physical characteristics are very different from her twin sister. Linze is shy but when she loses her temper, she doesn’t hold back from expressing her opinions.

About Elze

The older one is Elze. She is insecure about her flat chest but is confident about her facial beauty. She has long silver hair and big eyes. She is honest, positive, frank. She is not shy and can be perverse at times. 

Linze & Elze Relationship

There is not much difference between the birth of both twin girls. Linze still treats Elze as her big sister and shows respect towards her. On the other hand, Elze too is protective of her younger sister and both share a beautiful bond.

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8. Kagami & Tsukasa Hiiragi 

Anime: Lucky Star

Kagami Tsukasa Hiiragi

About Tsukasa

Tsukasa is an average girl with short purple hair. She is kind and innocent, also very quiet and friendly. She is poor at studying. She is younger than Kagami and is considered beneath her by others.

About Kagami

Kagami is the older twin of Tsukasa. She’s a 16-year-old schoolgirl with long light purple hair. She is a proper Tsundere, she is self-centered and arrogant. Due to her nature, she often finds herself alone. She is smart at studying but very messy at household work.

Kagami & Tsukasa Relationship

The anime twin girls are very different from each other both in personality and ability. But this difference brings them even closer because they complement each other. If one sister is lacking in one thing, the other one supports and helps her and vice versa.

7. Patty & Liz 

Anime: Soul Eater

Patty Liz

About Patty

Patrica Thompson or Patty is one of the top-class criminals in Brooklyn city. However, despite her crazy profession, she is extremely simple-minded. The only thing that matters to her is her twin sister’s command. 

About Liz

Lis is the older twin. She differs from Patty in every aspect. She is very bold and smart. Unlike Patty, Liz is possessive about her looks and doesn’t refrain from using her charm to deceive men.

Patty & Liz Relationship

Patty and Liz were born to a prostitute. Abandoned, they were left to survive in New York City on their own. The twin sisters took control of their supernatural powers and grew together to become an infamous elite criminal duo known as the “Brooklyn Devils”.

6. Junko Enoshima & Mukuro Ikusaba 

Anime: Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima Mukuro Ikusaba

About Junko 

Junko is the villain in this anime. She is extremely cunning and crazy. Her character takes quick shifts during the course of the show. But for the most part, she acts mad and erratic. 

About Mukuro 

Mukuro is Junko’s younger twin sister. She excels in the art of war. Her combat skills are hard to match. Mukuro is very possessive about her sister Junko. If Junko wants something done, she will do it at the cost of her life. 

Junko & Mukuro Relationship

As you can see from the image above, despite being twins, both looks quite different from each other. Mukuro looks up to Junko as her superior. Her admiration is all that matters for Mukuro. Junko on the other hand oppress her younger sister and doesn’t acknowledge Mukuro’s efforts.

5. Mei & Misaki

Anime: Another 

Mei Misaki

About Mei

Mei has a distinct personality which anyone can guess from her appearance. Mei is quiet and mostly sad. Her prosthetic eye is the result of a disease that she got when she was just four. Her eyes are of different shades therefore she covers one with a patch.

About Misaki

Fujioka is the twin sister of Mei. Misaka is a cheerful kid who loves joking around with friends. She looks very similar to Mei. Her eye colors are sharp red. Unfortunately, she suffers from leukemia. 

Mei & Misaki Relationship

Bith Mei and Fujioka share a tragic story. After their birth, Mei got adopted by her mother’s sister. When they grew up and found out that they are sisters, both started meeting in private and became best friends. 

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4. Diva & Saya 

Anime: Blood+

Diva Saya

About Diva

Diva is the younger twin sister of Saya. Diva and Saya are supernatural beings. Diva got long black hair that is different from Saya. Diva grew apart from her sister and had a harsher life. Diva is sadistic, bloodthirsty, fearless and she kills for fun.

About Saya

Saya is an innocent, cheerful girl with short hair. She had a good upbringing in the foster family. But some later events turn her into being resentful and broken. She hates her species and also despises that she’s not a human.

Diva & Saya Relationship

Diva & Saya despite being twin sisters are completely different from each other in personality. The sisters grew up differently, where Saya was raised in a happy environment, Diva had harsh early years that made her so vengeful. Both the anime twin girls are enemies of each other. 

3. Ryou & Kyou Fujibayashi 

Anime: Clannad

Ryou and Kyou

About Kyou

Kyou is the older twin sister of Ryou and is with long violet hair. She is daring, honest, and a loudmouth but also confident and smart. She is quite popular in her school and very famous among girls.

About Ryou 

Ryou is the shy younger twin sister of Kyou. She is less popular than her twin sister. She is sweet and friendly. She is also a loner and scared of admitting her feeling to others.

Ryou & Kyou Relationship

The twin sisters are very opposite of each other but the bond between them is very strong. Both fall in love with the same guy but are ready to give up on their love for each other. 

2. Akari & Kotone Kirishima

Anime: Nyan Koi!

Akari Kotone

About Kotone

Kotone is the older twin sister of Akari and is totally different from her. She finds pleasure in other’s misfortune. She is sadistic and very possessive. She also doesn’t hesitate to harass and stalk people she’s interested in. 

About Akari

Akari is a proper Tsundere. Since her childhood, she spent most of her time alone and this led to her being awkward and shy. SHe doesn’t know how to communicate her feelings can be rude and loud at times. But despite that, she is caring and compassionate.

Akari & Kotone Relationship

The anime twin girls are poles apart when it comes to their nature. But both sisters care for each other and are very close. Both fall in love with the same guy which puts a little strain on their relationship.

1. Shion & Mion Sonozaki

Anime: Higurashi

Shion and Mion

About Mion

Mion is the older twin sister of Shion and comes from a very prestigious Sonozaki family. Being the older sister, she is made heir of the family. Mion is very tomboyish in nature, but also very mature and understanding. She is also very shy when it comes to romantic stuff.

About Shion

Shion is a lot more girly than Mion but she is also very sly, manipulative, and delinquent. She suffers from a syndrome that makes and delusional and commits bad things

Shion & Mion Relationship

Both anime twin girls share a sweet bond. Shion and Mion often switch places with each other, so that Mion can take a break from family duties and enjoy. Shion also likes to tease Mion but the love between the two sisters is very strong.

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