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Fans of TSUKIMICHI -Moonlight Fantasy- can mark their calendars for an eagerly anticipated event in January 2024—the release of season 2. The upcoming season promises to be an exhilarating ride, spanning two consecutive cours, and captivating viewers with its fantastical narrative. While season 1 was brought to life by C2C, J.C. Staff takes the reins for the animation of season 2, ensuring a fresh visual experience without compromising the series’ essence.

A Welcome Return: The Main Staff

Season 2 of TSUKIMICHI -Moonlight Fantasy- welcomes back the talented main staff from the first season, ensuring a seamless continuation of the story. Their expertise and creative vision were instrumental in shaping the success of the series, and fans can look forward to their distinctive touch once again.

From Light Novel to Anime

TSUKIMICHI -Moonlight Fantasy- is based on the captivating light novels penned by Kei Azumi, with illustrations by Mitsuaki Matsumoto. The story revolves around Makoto Misumi, an ordinary teenager who finds himself abruptly summoned to another world as a supposed “hero.” However, this world’s goddess deems him unattractive and strips him of his hero status, banishing him to the remote corners of this new realm. In his journey, Makoto encounters a plethora of extraordinary beings such as dragons, spiders, orcs, and dwarves. The wastelands become his backdrop as he discovers his latent magical and combat abilities, pushing the boundaries of what he thought possible. TSUKIMICHI -Moonlight Fantasy- delves into a captivating fantasy world, as a forsaken protagonist strives to rebuild his life in a world that has turned its back on him.

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With the promise of a gripping storyline, dazzling animation, and the return of beloved characters, TSUKIMICHI -Moonlight Fantasy- Season 2 is poised to captivate audiences once again. Fans eagerly await the opportunity to embark on a new chapter in Makoto’s extraordinary journey as he navigates a world that holds both danger and untold possibilities.

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