Yona of the Dawn Chapter 247 Return of the Dragon Warrior

In the upcoming Yona of the Dawn Chapter 247, the story continues with Jae-ha’s tumultuous journey. After his berserk episode in the previous chapter, Jae-ha left Yona and the others without saying goodbye, leaving them worried and curious about his whereabouts.

Jae-ha’s Identity Crisis

In a heartbreaking confession to Yona, Jae-ha reveals that he no longer considers himself fully human. His encounter with Yona raises questions about his own identity and purpose.

Kija attempts to have a meaningful conversation with Jae-ha, seeking information about their missing comrades, Shin-ah and Zeno. Jae-ha discloses that they voluntarily transformed into dragons to protect themselves when they were about to be captured.

A Puzzle Unraveled

The group realizes that even Jae-ha is clueless about what happened to Shin-ah and Zeno. Kija senses something odd happening to his body, with his consciousness clinging to it as if reluctant to let go.

The cause of these transformations remains unclear, whether it’s related to their injuries or the fall of Hiryuu Castle. Jae-ha’s past experience in Xing, where he reverted to normal, adds another layer of intrigue to the situation.

The Battle of Emotions

Yona assures Kija that everything will be fine once their wounds heal in Kouka. However, Jae-ha’s fears of turning into a monster and forgetting everything make him unwilling to return home.

Kija tries to convince Jae-ha that returning to Kouka might improve their situation. Yona reminds him of their promise to bring everyone home, including Jae-ha.

Yona of the Dawn 2

Facing the Inevitable

Jae-ha realizes that he has reached the end of his life span and bids farewell to his companions. Yona and Kija desperately attempt to persuade him to believe in the possibility of still living.

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As the villagers find them late at night, the group prepares to rest, their emotions running high.

Release Date and Time

Fans can expect Yona of the Dawn Chapter 247 to be released on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 08:00 PM JST. For international readers, the schedule varies according to their time zones.

Time ZoneDateTime
US (Eastern Standard Time, EST)August 26, 202307:00 AM
Canada (Newfoundland Time, NT)August 26, 202307:00 AM
India (Indian Standard Time, IST)August 26, 202304:30 PM
Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST)August 26, 202309:00 PM
Philippines (Philippine Time, PHT)August 26, 202307:00 PM
Japan (Japan Standard Time, JST)August 26, 202308:00 PM
South Korea (Korean Standard Time, KST)August 26, 202308:00 PM

Where to Read

Yona of the Dawn Chapter 247 will be available with English translation on Viz Media. Those interested in the raw version can find it on Comico.

As Yona’s journey continues, the fate of her comrades remains uncertain. Will she be able to find Jae-ha and reunite with Shin-ah and Zeno? The upcoming chapter promises more twists and revelations that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned to witness the unfolding of this enthralling tale.

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