Marriage of Convenience Chapter 96

The captivating journey of “Marriage of Convenience” has left readers at the edge of their seats, especially after the conclusion with Chapter 95. With Alec diving deep into his parent’s past, fans are buzzing with the question: Will there be a Chapter 96?

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Alec’s recent discovery about his lineage has been nothing short of heartwarming. From playful moments with Gaston in the garden, munching on berries, to the stern lessons of punctuality from Master Robert, Alec’s day was eventful. But it was Nanny’s tales of the past, of miracles spreading across lands, of Queen Odile’s reign, and the end of wars, that truly captured the essence of the story.

The Power of Love in Politics

In a world where marriages often took place for commercial interests, the tale highlights that love-filled unions always stood the test of time. The narrative beautifully intertwines the political intricacies of war reparations with the personal dynamics of characters like Duchess Bianca, whose mere presence could sway decisions.

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The Future of the Series

As for the burning question, “Will there be a Marriage of Convenience Chapter 96?” – the answer is a bit hazy. The author is currently on a hiatus post the completion of the series. However, there’s a silver lining! Side chapters are expected to grace the fans in the future, though specific release dates remain under wraps.

Where to Catch Up?

For those eager to dive back into the world of “Marriage of Convenience,” Chapter 96, when released, will be available on Tapas with English translations. The raw versions can be found on KakaoPage.

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