The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 132

Chapter 132 of “The Tutorial Is Too Hard” is set to showcase Lee Hojea’s relentless onslaught against every foreign hunter in the coliseum. Not one to show mercy, Hojea’s actions are swift and decisive. As the narrative suggests, the next chapter might see the culmination of this bloodbath, with Hojea emerging victorious.

Reconnecting with the Plot: A Return to Form

After a period where the story seemed to be dragging its feet, “The Tutorial Is Too Hard” appears to be regaining its momentum. The plot is ripe for development, and there’s a buzz that the narrative will take a more intriguing turn post this arc. The upcoming chapter promises to depict Hojea’s quest completion by eliminating all adversaries in the coliseum.

Hojea’s Perception: Monster or Misunderstood?

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 131 recap

Chapter 131 offers insights into how the foreign hunters perceive Hojea. To many, he’s an enigma, a force to be reckoned with. His increasing isolation and detachment from reality have only fueled these perceptions.

To the foreign hunters, Hojea is akin to an unpredictable weapon, ready to detonate at the slightest provocation. Their actions, though seemingly irrational, stem from a place of fear and misunderstanding of Hojea’s true nature.

Release Schedule: The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 132

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanOctober 3, 202312:00 AM
IndiaOctober 2, 20238:30 PM
Central EuropeOctober 2, 202305:00 PM
U.S.A (New York)October 2, 202311:00 AM
Pacific TimeOctober 2, 202308:00 AM
Eastern EuropeOctober 2, 202306:00 PM
PhilippinesOctober 2, 202311:00 PM
SingaporeOctober 2, 202311:00 PM
AustraliaOctober 3, 202301:00 AM
Eastern IndonesiaOctober 3, 202312:00 AM
South KoreaOctober 3, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read

For those eager to delve into Chapter 132, Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon are your destinations for the raw format in Korean.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“The Tutorial Is Too Hard” continues to captivate its audience with a blend of action, suspense, and psychological depth. As Hojea’s journey unfolds, readers are treated to a complex character study set against a backdrop of high-stakes challenges. Chapter 132 is poised to be another riveting installment in this compelling narrative.

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