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In the upcoming release of “The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Chapter 46,” readers are eagerly anticipating how Ray will navigate the challenges to ensure Dorothy’s dream becomes a reality. With an unwavering promise to his mother, Ray is committed to shielding Dorothy, regardless of the hurdles that come their way.

Dorothy’s Bold Endeavor and Ray’s Supportive Stance

Ray’s admiration for Dorothy’s ingenious plan shines through as he lauds her efforts. Drawing on their past lives, Dorothy reminisces about Ray’s similar compliments, revealing their deep connection. Despite Dorothy’s initial hesitations, Ray’s persistent encouragement and offer of assistance embolden her. This dynamic duo is set to take on an ambitious project – a disability support facility plan.

A Plan Refined Through Experience

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Dorothy’s hesitance stems from the history of her previous life where their plan had faltered. However, fueled by Ray’s determination, Dorothy recognizes that her dream holds the potential to come to fruition. Bolstered by Ray’s resolve, she decides to give it another shot. Their synergy is palpable as Ray lays out his conditions, and Dorothy musters the courage to embark on this journey.

Ray and Dorothy: Rekindling the Past

Ray’s unexpected willingness to step up for Dorothy stirs curiosity. In a heartwarming twist, he reveals a glimpse of their childhood dynamics. His recollection of one-year-old Dorothy’s dislike for his hugs adds a touch of innocence to their complex relationship. This revelation becomes a cornerstone of their evolving story.

Rekindling Bonds: A Surprising Proposal

Dorothy, taken aback by Ray’s request for a hug, reflects on their past interactions. The memories of their early days bring forth a fresh perspective, highlighting the journey they’ve undertaken together. Ray’s persistence in maintaining their closeness and the significance he attaches to gestures like hugs underscores the depth of his feelings.

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A Playful Proposal and Unexpected Insights

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In an amusing twist, Ray suggests an alternative to a hug – a cheek kiss, revealing yet another layer of their relationship. Dorothy’s bemusement at Ray’s tactics adds a dash of humor, showing how their personalities have evolved over time. A mutual understanding between them becomes evident as Dorothy responds with her own special offering.

Upcoming Release and Reading Opportunities

For fans eagerly anticipating the next installment, “The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Chapter 46” is set to arrive soon. Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 10, 2023. International readers can catch the release at various times across different time zones. The escapades of Ray and Dorothy continue to captivate audiences.

Time ZoneRelease TimeDate
US (EST)07:00 AMThursday, August 10, 2023
Canada (NT)07:00 AMThursday, August 10, 2023
India (IST)04:30 PMThursday, August 10, 2023
Australia (AEST)09:00 PMThursday, August 10, 2023
Philippines (PHT)07:00 PMThursday, August 10, 2023
Japan (JST)08:00 PMThursday, August 10, 2023
South Korea (KST)08:00 PMThursday, August 10, 2023

As the clock ticks towards the release, readers from around the world will be tuning in to uncover the next chapter of Ray and Dorothy’s journey.

Where to Dive into the Drama

For those looking to immerse themselves in this captivating tale, “The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly Chapter 46” will be accessible on Webtoons with English Translation.

As the story unfolds, Ray and Dorothy’s journey promises both heartwarming moments and intriguing twists. Stay tuned as they navigate challenges, reaffirm connections, and strive to bring their dreams to life.

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