Sakamoto Days Chapter 130 A Shocking Revelation

The excitement for “Sakamoto Days Chapter 130” is palpable among fans, following the unexpected twist in the previous chapter. Uzuki’s personality shift is revealed to be none other than Rion Akao, Akira’s aunt and a former companion of Sakamoto and Nagumo at the JCC. While readers speculated on Rion’s possible survival, her return in this new manner takes everyone by surprise.

A Gripping Turn of Events

The latest chapter showcased various confrontations and clashes, but it defied expectations when Uzuki’s true identity as Rion was unveiled. Her appearance raises questions about how she managed to survive and her connection to the JCC. As the suspense builds, fans eagerly anticipate the repercussions of this revelation and its impact on the story’s future.

A Mysterious Transformation

The author’s masterful storytelling keeps readers on edge, wondering how Rion’s personality ended up in Uzuki’s body. The chapter leaves readers with a sense of intrigue and an eagerness to learn more about the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Rion’s return.

Waiting for the Next Chapter

Despite fans’ curiosity and eagerness for spoilers, there have been no leaks or known sources providing insights into “Sakamoto Days Chapter 130.” As a result, readers are left in suspense and must wait until the chapter’s official release to discover the unfolding events.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 130 A Shocking Revelation 1

Release Date and Reading Options

“Sakamoto Days Chapter 130” is set to feature in the 36th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, scheduled for release on Monday, August 7th, 2023, at midnight Japanese Standard Time. For fans around the world, the chapter will be available for free on platforms such as Viz Media and Manga Plus, allowing everyone to immerse themselves in the gripping continuation of the series.

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Time ZoneTimeDate
US & Canada (Pacific Time)07:00 hrsSunday, August 6, 2023
Mexico (Central Time)09:00 hrsSunday, August 6, 2023
US & Canada (Eastern Time)10:00 hrsSunday, August 6, 2023
India (Indian Standard Time)20:30 hrsSunday, August 6, 2023
Australia (Australian Standard Time)02:00 hrsMonday, August 7, 2023

With the revelation of Rion’s return and the unexpected transformation, “Sakamoto Days” continues to captivate readers with its thrilling plot twists and intense character developments. As the story unfolds, readers can’t help but speculate on what lies ahead for Uzuki, Akira, Sakamoto, and the rest of the characters.

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