Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 74 release date

In the upcoming Chapter 75 of “Return of the Disaster-Class Hero”, tensions are mounting as Libra Saint rallies her troops for an epic showdown against Lee Geon. The reason? A mother’s fury over the death of her sons at the hands of Lee Geon. As the black zone invasion looms, fans are eagerly awaiting more thrilling Lee Geon action sequences.

Libra’s Confidence: Misplaced or Justified?

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Libra’s confidence in her impending victory is intriguing, especially given Lee Geon’s proven prowess. After all, he’s faced down shadow armies and emerged victorious. But perhaps Libra has an ace up her sleeve?

The Enigma of Libra Saint

Diving deeper into the lore, Libra’s origins are shrouded in mystery. Initially from the Monster side, she was sent as a Monarch to sabotage humanity. However, after tasting the power and adoration of being a Zodiac, she switched allegiances.

Now, she’s on a mission to eliminate her former allies and ascend as Earth’s supreme deity. The twist? The real Libra Saint and God have been consumed by the Unknown Civilization (UC). The one we see is a high-ranking king from the UC, sent to infiltrate the 12 divine gods.

In a recent revelation, Harley introduced a “daughter” created from the DNA of Libra and Geon. This “daughter” has expressed her disdain for Libra, blaming her for a tormented existence.

Chapter 75: Release Timings

For those marking their calendars, “Return of the Disaster-Class Hero Chapter 75” is set to drop on Thursday, August 31, 2023, KST. However, due to the artist’s health concerns, there’s a slight delay, pushing the release to two weeks later. For international fans, here’s a handy time guide:

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Time ZoneTimeDate
Indian Standard Time (IST)08:30 PMAugust 30, 2023
Central European Time (CEST)05:00 PMAugust 30, 2023
New York (Eastern Time, EDT)11:00 AMAugust 30, 2023
Pacific Time (PDT)08:00 AMAugust 30, 2023
Eastern European Time (EEST)06:00 PMAugust 30, 2023
Philippines Standard Time (PHT)11:00 PMAugust 30, 2023
Singapore Standard Time (SST)11:00 PMAugust 30, 2023
Japanese Standard Time (JST)12:00 AMAugust 31, 2023
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)01:00 AMAugust 31, 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST)12:00 AMAugust 31, 2023
Korean Standard Time (KST)12:00 AMAugust 31, 2023

Where to Read

Eager to get your hands on Chapter 75? Head over to Kakao Page or Kakao Webtoon for the raw version in Korean. For English translations, Tapas and Tappytoon are your go-to, although they’re currently up to Chapter 69.

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