Ranger Reject Chapter 107 A Tug of War Between Morality and Duty

In the world of “Ranger Reject,” the lines between right and wrong are often blurred. The upcoming Chapter 107 promises to delve deeper into this moral quagmire. Yumeko’s audacious move to save the dolls, entities created by machines, has sparked a heated debate with Red. While Yumeko sees them as beings deserving of life, Red views them as mere ingredients, devoid of human rights.

Yumeko vs. Red: A Battle of Wills

The Dolls’ Savior

Yumeko’s maternal instincts kick in as she stands up to Red, emphasizing the value of life, even if it’s artificially created. Her argument? Just because they created these beings doesn’t grant them the right to end their existence.

Red’s Pragmatic Perspective

Red, on the other hand, offers a more pragmatic view. He believes life is a product of human love, not machinery. To him, these dolls are mere imitations of life. And if they’re set free? They’d perish anyway. So, why not end it swiftly?

The Unexpected Release

A Glimpse into Chapter 106

In a twist, Yumeko releases the dolls, forcing Red into a position where he’d have to eliminate them manually. A task he believes could’ve been simpler had Yumeko not intervened.

ranger reject 1

Yumeko’s defiance against Red is further highlighted when she reminds him of her role in his powers. She’s not just a bystander; she’s the one who made him invisible. Their banter escalates, with Red even making a dark jest about ending her life. But Yumeko, ever the stoic, doesn’t flinch. Their confrontation is interrupted by Ryujin, who brings news of a mission, pulling Red away from the scene.

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Release Timings

For those eagerly waiting, Ranger Reject Chapter 107 is slated to drop on Friday, August 18, 2023, at 10:00 PM JST. For international fans, here’s a handy time conversion:

US (East Coast)Friday, August 18, 202309:00 AM
Canada (Newfoundland)Friday, August 18, 202309:00 AM
IndiaFriday, August 18, 202306:30 PM
Australia (AEST)Friday, August 18, 202311:00 PM
PhilippinesFriday, August 18, 202309:00 PM
JapanFriday, August 18, 202310:00 PM
South KoreaFriday, August 18, 202310:00 PM

Where to Read

Eager to see how this moral battle unfolds? Chapter 107 will be available on Kodansha with English translations. For those who prefer the raw version, Pocket Magazine has got you covered.

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