Chainsaw Man Chapter 140

The manga world is abuzz with the latest developments in “Chainsaw Man.” With its gripping narrative and unexpected turns, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 140. But before we dive into what’s next, let’s take a moment to recap the recent whirlwind events.

Miri Sugo: The Forgotten Sword-Man

Enter Miri Sugo, a blast from Denji’s past, known as Sword-Man. His mission? To recruit Denji into the Chainsaw Man church. But Denji, initially dismissive, recalls no past battles with Makima and denies any bond with Sugo.

A Convincing Pitch

Sugo, however, is not one to back down. Highlighting their shared experiences of being used as mere tools, he paints a tempting picture of life at the Chainsaw Man church. A life where Denji can live on his terms, take up missions at his discretion, and enjoy unlimited culinary delights. But Denji, content with his peaceful existence, initially declines.

Just when it seemed the conversation was over, Sugo played his trump card: the promise of limitless romantic encounters. Without a second thought, Denji was on board.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 139

The Chainsaw Man Church Unveiled

With Denji’s decision to join the Chainsaw Man church, Chapter 140 promises a deep dive into this mysterious organization. What’s their main agenda? And how will Denji’s pact with Public Safety—to not transform into Chainsaw Man—play out?

Release Timings

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 is set to drop on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, at 12:00 Japanese Standard Time. For international fans, here’s a handy time conversion:

Time ZoneTimeDate
Pacific Time (US & Canada)8:00 AMAugust 22, 2023
Central Time (Mexico)10:00 AMAugust 22, 2023
Eastern Time (US & Canada)11:00 AMAugust 22, 2023
Indian Standard Time8:30 PMAugust 22, 2023
Australian Standard Time1:00 AMAugust 23, 2023

Where to Read

Eager to dive into Chapter 140? Head over to Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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