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In the upcoming chapter of Ragna Crimson, tensions rise as Sigmalio faces the consequences of his recent decisions. After a heartfelt family gathering, Sigmalio is summoned by Kiryu, a man in a black suit with a mysterious agenda. Despite the interruptions, Sigmalio’s commitment to his family remains evident, and he values their time together. However, Kiryu’s visits aren’t just for Ran’s tantrums; they also involve their ‘partner’ and some undisclosed matters.

A Father’s Wisdom and Kiryu’s Enigma

Amidst the chaos of an explosive encounter with Ran, Sigmalio finds himself discussing the essence of humanity with Kiryu. Despite Kiryu’s apparent lack of humanity, Sigmalio believes that anyone with a heart can be considered human. This philosophical conversation reflects the deeper themes of identity and purpose in the manga.

Bagram’s Request and the Bloodline of Roars

As Sigmalio and Kiryu enjoy a family meal, their bonding moment is interrupted by Bagram, who seeks Sigmalio’s aid. Grateful for the King’s attention, Bagram reveals an invasion of their territory by a formidable enemy capable of wiping out the bloodline of wings under certain circumstances. Ran, ever ready for action, promises to deal with the intruder in a single blast. However, Sigmalio’s strategic vision insists on an offensive approach to accelerate ‘world magic.’

A Desperate Show of Familial Love

As the story unfolds, Sigmalio’s evolution as a character is evident through his interactions with Ran. Ran’s request to eat Sigmalio’s wife and daughter might sound outrageous, but it serves as a test of familial love and loyalty. Sigmalio, with unwavering devotion, agrees to her bizarre request, reflecting the depth of their bond.

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Chapter 67 Predictions: A Confrontation and the Path to World Magic

The next chapter is poised to bring a showdown with the intruder and a display of Bagram’s prowess. As Sigmalio’s plans for accelerating world magic take shape, readers can expect an engaging mix of action and strategy, showcasing the growth of the characters.

Release Date and Reading Availability

Ragna Crimson Chapter 67 is set to grace readers on July 30, 2023, with varying release times across different time zones. Fans can access the chapter on Square Enix Japan‘s official website in Raw Korean. Unfortunately, official English translations are not yet available, leaving readers eager to dive into the unfolding plot.

Time ZoneDateTime
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, July 3112:00 AM
Australian Capital TerritoryMonday, July 3101:30 AM
Eastern Indonesian TimeMonday, July 3112:00 AM
Korean Standard TimeMonday, July 3112:00 AM
Singapore Standard TimeSunday, July 3011:00 PM
Pacific TimeSunday, July 3008:00 AM
Eastern European TimeSunday, July 3006:00 PM
Philippines Standard TimeSunday, July 3011:00 PM
Indian Standard TimeSunday, July 3008:30 PM
Central European TimeSunday, July 3005:00 PM
New YorkSunday, July 3011:00 AM

Stay tuned for a thrilling and action-packed chapter, where Sigmalio’s decisions may shape the fate of his world and its magic. Ragna Crimson continues to deliver a gripping narrative with emotional depth and intriguing character development that will leave fans eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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