Of All Things I Became a Crow Chapter 100

The previous chapter of “Of All Things, I Became a Crow” left readers at the edge of their seats as the prince, in a rare gesture, invites Reinel to dance. His confession that such an invitation is a rarity hints at the significance of the moment.

But as they dance, the prince’s emotions become a whirlwind. He’s entranced by Reinel, and the pulsating connection between them is palpable. The prince, usually so composed, finds himself lost for words and overwhelmed by feelings he can’t quite comprehend.

A Bold Question: Does the Prince Harbor Feelings for Reinel?

As the dance progresses, the prince’s vulnerability becomes evident. He admits to feeling out of sorts around Reinel, a sentiment he’s never experienced, even when facing the mightiest of Royal Knights or engaging with the most erudite scholars.

Reinel, seizing the moment, boldly inquires if the prince has feelings for her. This candid question catches the prince off guard, leading him to retreat, leaving Reinel pondering the implications of her query.

Chapter 100: Spoilers and Speculations

Of All Things I Became a Crow Chapter 99

Chapter 100 promises to delve deeper into the prince’s emotions. Reinel’s observation that the prince’s actions mirror those of young men experiencing their first love suggests that the prince might indeed be smitten. The revelation that the prince’s inability to avoid Reinel’s hand stems from love at first sight adds another layer to their already complex relationship.

Release Schedule: Of All Things, I Became a Crow Chapter 100

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanSeptember 29, 202309:00 PM
IndiaSeptember 29, 202305:30 PM
Central EuropeSeptember 29, 202302:00 PM
U.S.A (New York)September 29, 202308:00 AM
AustraliaSeptember 29, 202310:00 PM
IndonesiaSeptember 29, 202307:00 PM
SingaporeSeptember 29, 202308:00 PM
Pacific TimeSeptember 29, 202305:00 AM
Eastern EuropeSeptember 29, 202302:00 PM
PhilippinesSeptember 29, 202308:00 PM
South KoreaSeptember 29, 202309:00 PM

Where to Read

For those eager to continue the journey, Chapter 100 will be available on Tapas at the aforementioned times.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“Of All Things, I Became a Crow” masterfully weaves a tale of fantasy, romance, and the intricacies of human emotion. As the narrative unfolds, readers are invited to explore the depths of the prince’s feelings and the evolving dynamics between him and Reinel. Chapter 100 is set to be a pivotal installment, promising a blend of romance and revelations.

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