Revelations in Oshi no Ko Chapter 125 Miyakos Past and Her Determination to Reunite with Ichigo

In a highly anticipated chapter of Oshi no Ko, Chapter 125 finally unveils Miyako’s past before her encounter with Ichigo Saitou. As her life in the nightlife district becomes challenging, Ichigo steps in and presents her with a dream. However, after Ai’s tragic demise, Ichigo abandons the dream, leaving Miyako to pursue their shared goal alone.

The previous chapter introduces an intriguing development as Ruby becomes clingy towards Aqua. Kana and Mem-Cho observe the unusual behavior and attribute it to Ruby’s demanding schedule. Meanwhile, Miyako struggles with Ruby’s work schedule and hopes for Ichigo’s help, and fate brings them face to face.

Tensions and Unresolved Emotions

Oshi no Ko Chapter 125, titled “Dazzle,” continues from the previous installment as Ichigo unexpectedly encounters Miyako in a bar. Their reunion is filled with unresolved emotions, as Ichigo, seeing Miyako for the first time since he left her after Ai Hoshino’s death, anticipates her anger for leaving her to handle Strawberry Productions and care for Aqua and Ruby alone.

Confrontation and Venting Frustration

Miyako confronts Ichigo, chasing after him when he attempts to escape. Their emotional reunion leads Miyako to vent her frustration and hurt at being abandoned. The intensity of her emotions drives her to throw a heel at Ichigo and confront him about breaking their promise.

Miyako’s Backstory

Chapter 125 delves into Miyako’s past, shedding light on her life before meeting Ichigo. As a young woman working in the nightlife district, Miyako’s success rises with the help of cosmetic surgery. However, as she ages, her success begins to decline. Ichigo approaches her, inviting her to work behind the scenes at a production company, where she finds fulfillment and eventually accepts Ichigo’s proposal.

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Dreams and Ambitions

Together, Miyako and Ichigo envision a dream of witnessing the most dazzling scenery: their artists performing live at the Dome. However, tragedy strikes when Ai Hoshino enters the picture, leading to Ichigo abandoning their shared dream and running away.

Present and Hope for Reunion

In the present, Miyako passionately pleads with Ichigo to return and run Strawberry Productions with her. Despite Ichigo’s previous abandonment, Miyako remains determined to achieve their collective goal.

The next chapter promises to reveal Ichigo’s response to Miyako’s heartfelt plea, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The raw emotional depth and captivating storyline in Oshi no Ko continue to grip readers, making each chapter a compelling and emotional journey.

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