National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 388 The Mystery Deepens

In the upcoming Chapter 388 of “National School Prince Is A Girl,” Fu Jiu dives deep into the perplexing circumstances surrounding an author’s death. This isn’t just any death – it’s shrouded in the dark veil of cyberbullying and suspicious activities.

The Tragic Tale of an Author

A talented author faces the wrath of the online world when a false copyright claim tarnishes her hard work. The aftermath? She’s believed to have taken her own life. But Fu Jiu, with her sharp instincts, senses something amiss. Why would someone meticulously clean their house before such a tragic act?

Whispers in the Corridor

Fu Jiu’s ears catch a sinister conversation. Some girls, with a tone dripping in malice, discuss their role in falsely accusing the author of plagiarism. As the plot thickens, Fu Jiu realizes she’s not just uncovering a case of cyberbullying – it might be cold-blooded murder.

A Love Story Amidst the Chaos

Senior Mo’s feelings for Jiu are no secret. He’s confessed, he’s waited, and he’s persistent. But Jiu, with her world currently resembling a rollercoaster, keeps him at arm’s length. Will love find its way amidst the chaos?

A dinner with the elders brings forth tales of Fu Jiu’s past. Her penchant for cross-dressing, her childhood friend, and Senior Mo’s evident jealousy add layers to the already intricate narrative.

National School Prince Is A Girl

Release Date

For those eagerly waiting, “National School Prince Is A Girl” Chapter 388 is set to release on 19 August 2023, 12:00 AM KST. Mark your calendars, or better yet, set those alarms!

IndiaFriday, August 18, 202308:30 PM
JapanSaturday, August 19, 202312:00 AM
KoreaSaturday, August 19, 202312:00 AM
USAFriday, August 18, 202311:00 AM
UKFriday, August 18, 202303:00 PM
PhilippinesFriday, August 18, 202311:00 PM
AustraliaSaturday, August 19, 202301:00 AM

Where to Read

The raw version will be available on Bilibili Comics. For those who prefer the English translation, Pocket Comics is the place to be.

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