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In the world of heroes and villains, alliances can be as unpredictable as the battles themselves. All Might, the symbol of peace, finds himself in a precarious situation. His battle against the formidable All For One takes a surprising turn when Stain, the infamous Hero Killer, steps in to lend a hand. The dynamics of this unexpected partnership promise a riveting showdown in the upcoming chapter.

All Might’s Resilience and Strategy

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 recap

Despite his deteriorating physical condition, All Might’s spirit remains unbroken. His lower body, weakened from the relentless combat, struggles to keep up. Yet, his determination to protect and serve is evident in his every move. Drawing inspiration from his students, All Might ingeniously incorporates their techniques into his battle strategy. This not only showcases his adaptability but also his deep bond with his students.

The Flashback and The Future

My Hero Academia Chapter 401

A poignant flashback reveals All Might’s tactical use of various students’ moves to counter All For One’s onslaught. But as the battle intensifies, All Might’s injuries mount, pushing him to his limits.

The climax of their confrontation is set against the backdrop of a laser explosion, revealing a rejuvenated All For One. Just when all seems lost, Stain’s intervention changes the game. His quirk immobilizes All For One, setting the stage for what could be the final showdown.

Release Schedule: My Hero Academia Chapter 401

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
US & Canada (Pacific Time)Sunday, September 24th, 202307:00 AM
Mexico (Central Time)Sunday, September 24th, 202309:00 AM
US & Canada (Eastern Time)Sunday, September 24th, 202310:00 AM
IndiaSunday, September 24th, 202308:30 PM
AustraliaMonday, September 25th, 202302:00 AM

Where to Read?

“My Hero Academia Chapter 401” will be available for fans to immerse themselves in on platforms like Viz Media and Manga Plus. These platforms offer the chapter for free, ensuring that fans worldwide can experience the thrill of this epic battle.

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Anticipation for Chapter 401:

The stage is set for an epic confrontation in “My Hero Academia Chapter 401.” With All Might’s resilience, All For One’s cunning, and Stain’s unexpected intervention, fans are on the edge of their seats. Will All Might use Bakugo’s move as his trump card? How will this intense battle conclude? The next chapter promises to answer these burning questions and more.

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