Lie become You chapter 64

Veronica, known as Femme Fatale Veronica, has a reputation that precedes her. As the Empire’s most wanted, her schemes have left the crown prince in turmoil and the citizens in confusion. But behind the mask of a noblewoman lies a different story. Veronica’s grand act was all a ruse, a plan to elevate the prince and then vanish after committing a crime.

A Betrayal and a Bounty

Lie become You

Veronica’s impeccable plan was to be rewarded with 10 million gold coins. However, the tables turned when her client, the count, deemed her a threat. With a bounty on her head, Veronica’s escape led her to the harbor and, eventually, a ship. But her relief was short-lived when she realized she had boarded the wrong vessel.

A Prince, A Kiss, and A New Beginning

While evading the ship’s crew, Veronica’s path crossed with Prince Halid of the Eastern Kingdom. Their encounter was anything but ordinary. In a desperate attempt to escape, Veronica resorted to a kiss, a distraction that led to a unique bond. Despite her cover story as a runaway princess, Halid saw through her lies, marking the start of their intriguing relationship.

Chapter 63 Recap: Jealousy and Revelations

Lie become You chapter 63 recap

The dynamics between Veronica and Queen Sana intensify as Halid’s attention remains fixed on Veronica. Queen Sana’s patience wears thin, especially when Halid’s commitment to visiting Veronica becomes evident. Amidst the palace drama, Veronica’s secret visits to the kingdom’s slums come to light, adding another layer to her enigmatic persona.

Chapter 64 Release: Global Timings

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
India06:00 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Central Europe03:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
New York08:30 AMSunday, August 27, 2023
Australia10:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Singapore08:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Philippines08:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Los Angeles05:30 AMSunday, August 27, 2023
London02:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Dubai06:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Moscow04:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023
Tokyo9:30 PMSunday, August 27, 2023

Where to Read

For those keen on following Veronica’s journey, “Lies Become You” is available on Manta Comics. The raw scans for Chapter 64 can be found on Surreuk Comics. However, English translations might take a bit longer since the original release is in Korean.

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Final Thoughts: Veronica’s tale in “Lies Become You” is a blend of deception, romance, and unexpected alliances. As she navigates the challenges of her new life, readers are in for a mix of suspense and drama. Stay tuned for more twists and turns!

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