Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 155

Ijin Yu’s life has been anything but ordinary. After a tragic plane crash claimed the lives of his parents when he was just eight, Ijin was thrust into the unforgiving world of child mercenaries.

A decade later, he returns to Korea, not to the sounds of gunfire, but to the equally challenging cacophony of high school life. As he navigates this new terrain, readers are left wondering: Can a seasoned warrior adapt to the trials and tribulations of teenagehood?

Alice’s Intriguing Pursuit

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 154 recap

The upcoming chapter delves deep into Alice’s growing fascination with Ijin. Their initial connection was forged at a freshman party, but Alice’s interest in Ijin isn’t just casual curiosity.

She’s been discreetly monitoring him, captivated by his exceptional skills. But shadowing Ijin is no easy task. His heightened awareness makes it a game of cat and mouse, with Alice constantly on her toes to avoid detection.

Friendships and Foes

While Alice’s observations form the crux of the chapter, there’s a heartwarming subplot unfolding in the background. Ijin’s bond with Shin Yeon-ah is blossoming, painting a picture of genuine friendship in a world riddled with secrets.

But as Alice and Ijin’s paths crossed in Chapter 154, it became evident that their destinies are intertwined. Alice’s covert operations and Ijin’s astute perception set the stage for a riveting narrative.

Release Schedule: Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 155

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
IndiaSaturday, September 23, 202308:30 PM
Central European TimeSaturday, September 23, 202305:00 PM
New YorkSaturday, September 23, 202311:00 AM
Pacific TimeSaturday, September 23, 202308:00 AM
JapanSunday, September 24, 202312:00 AM
AustraliaSunday, September 24, 202301:00 AM
South KoreaSunday, September 24, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read?

For those keen to dive into the intricate world of “Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 155,” the raw version awaits on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon. English aficionados can find the official translations on Line Webtoon.

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In Conclusion:

“Mercenary Enrollment” masterfully blends action, drama, and the complexities of human relationships. With each chapter, layers of the story unfold, revealing deeper mysteries and connections. As Ijin and Alice’s stories intertwine, readers are left in eager anticipation of what the next chapter holds.

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