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The Chinese Group K Security Team, Black Dragon Squad, makes a dramatic entry in Manager Kim Chapter 98, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next installment. The sudden arrival of the Black Dragon Squad has everyone on edge, especially with the looming connection between Young Chul’s gang and these newcomers.

Airport Confrontation

In the last released chapter, tension builds as Young Chul and his gang attempt to enter the airport, only to be halted by the security guild. They are denied entry, and the situation becomes even more precarious when Assistant Manager Choi Sangho’s arrival is mentioned. The gang must prepare their passports, leaving everyone wondering about the fate of Section Chief Shin.

A Peculiar Scent: Clues Amidst the Subway Chaos

As Young Chul and his gang navigate the subway, they encounter a peculiar scent that catches their attention. They sense something familiar but cannot pinpoint its source, adding to the mystery surrounding their current predicament.

Black Dragon Squad’s Sinister Plans

Meanwhile, the Chinese Group K Security Team, led by the formidable Lao Dong, prepares for action. They announce the involvement of Group T and their intention to strike first in Korea, showing no mercy as they plan to bring back the heads of their victims.

Manager Kim Chapter 98 takes an intense turn as Young Chul attempts to sneak onto a plane controlled by the Black Dragon Squad. He confronts Lao Dong, demanding control of the aircraft or facing the consequences of his wrath.

Amidst the chaos, Jo Gwingwan finds himself severely injured, but Manager Kim steps in to offer his assurance that the White Tiger Forces will protect him with all their might, easing Jo’s worries.

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Release Date

Manager Kim Chapter 98 is set to be released on August 6, 2023, for fans across different regions. The chapter promises to be a thrilling continuation, revealing the outcome of the intense confrontation on the plane.

Time ZoneDateTime
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, August 07, 202308:00 AM
Indian Standard TimeMonday, August 07, 202304:30 AM
Central European TimeMonday, August 07, 202301:00 AM
New YorkSunday, August 06, 202307:00 PM
Australian Capital TerritoryMonday, August 07, 202309:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian TimeMonday, August 07, 202306:00 AM
Singapore Standard TimeMonday, August 07, 202307:00 AM
Pacific TimeSunday, August 06, 202304:00 PM
Eastern European TimeMonday, August 07, 202301:00 AM
Philippines Standard TimeMonday, August 07, 202307:00 AM
Korean Standard TimeMonday, August 07, 202308:00 AM

Where to Read: WebToon Brings the Action

Fans can read Manager Kim Chapter 98 on WebToon, immersing themselves in the captivating story of Manager Kim and his encounters with powerful adversaries.

With the tension escalating and the plot thickening, Manager Kim Chapter 98 holds the promise of delivering an action-packed and gripping installment. Brace yourselves for a roller-coaster of emotions as Manager Kim faces new challenges and uncovers the true intentions of the Black Dragon Squad.

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