Murim Login Chapter 163 Jin Taekyungs Journey to Mount Song

The upcoming release of Murim Login Chapter 163 is creating a buzz among fans as they eagerly await the next thrilling installment. With Jin Taekyung on his way to Mount Song, readers are excited to witness the unfolding events in the series.

Anticipating Action and Intrigue in the New Chapter

Fans are looking forward to a more action-packed and enthralling story as the last released chapter hinted at a grand event, the Great Celestial Banquet, garnering attention from all of Murim.

Jin Baekyang’s Boredom and Intriguing Conversations

In a conversation with his friend, Jin Baekyang expresses reluctance about participating in the upcoming event. He humorously mentions his anticipation of meeting Yama due to boredom, but he may end up regretting it.

Eccentricity of the Fire King and King Dharma

The spiritual leaders are amused by the eccentricity of the Fire King and King Dharma, finding their interaction intriguing. King Dharma’s encounter with another guest, Gong Iljoong, from the Southern Edge Sect adds to the humor.

Murim Login Chapter 162 Screenshot

Release Date and Time

Mark your calendars for August 11, 2023, when Murim Login Chapter 163 is set to be released. The specific release times for different regions are provided to help fans plan accordingly.

Japanese Standard TimeSaturday, August 12, 202308:00 AM
Indian Standard TimeSaturday, August 12, 202304:30 AM
Central European TimeSaturday, August 12, 202301:00 AM
New YorkFriday, August 11, 202307:00 PM
Australian Capital TerritorySaturday, August 12, 202309:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian TimeSaturday, August 12, 202306:00 AM
Singapore Standard TimeSaturday, August 12, 202307:00 AM
Pacific TimeFriday, August 11, 202304:00 PM
Eastern European TimeSaturday, August 12, 202301:00 AM
Philippines Standard TimeSaturday, August 12, 202307:00 AM
Korean Standard TimeSaturday, August 12, 202308:00 AM

Where to Read Murim Login Chapter 163?

Fans can read the highly anticipated Chapter 163 on Kakao at the scheduled release time. For those seeking similar manga or manhwa series, the “manga” section offers exciting alternatives to explore.

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As the adventure unfolds in Murim Login, readers can expect a rollercoaster ride filled with action, humor, and unexpected twists. Stay tuned for the upcoming release to join Jin Taekyung on his thrilling journey to Mount Song. Happy reading!

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