Kingdom Chapter 771

In the forthcoming Kingdom Chapter 771, the Hi Shin Unit’s timely arrival at the Saida Plains becomes a topic of contention. While they believe they’ve arrived as scheduled, the main army, led by General Ousen, seems to have reached ahead of time.

This discrepancy sparks a debate, with General Sou Ou pointing out the disrespect of making the commander-in-chief wait. However, Ri Shin counters, emphasizing their punctuality.

The Power of Names: Legacy of Ouki

The soldiers of Kanyou bring to light the intriguing choice of the Hi Shin Unit to retain their name, even as their ranks swell and their stature grows. Ei Sei elucidates this choice, attributing it to the legacy of Ouki, who bestowed the name upon them. This revelation underscores the significance of legacy and the weight of a name in the world of Kingdom.

The Gathering Storm: Mighty Armies Assemble

The narrative intensifies as various armies converge on the Saida Plains. From the northeastern army’s swift takeover of Roumou to the unexpected early arrival of the main army from Atsuyo, the stage is set for a grand showdown.

The chapter crescendos with the dramatic entrance of the mountain king, Youtanwa, and her formidable mountain folk army. With such a colossal assembly of forces, including General Ousen’s troops and General Youtanwa’s warriors, the intent is clear: to bring down Riboku.

Release Schedule: Kingdom Chapter 771

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanOctober 11, 20238:00 PM JST
USOctober 11, 20237:00 AM EST
CanadaOctober 11, 20237:00 AM NT
IndiaOctober 11, 20234:30 PM IST
AustraliaOctober 11, 20239:00 PM AEST
PhilippinesOctober 11, 20237:00 PM PHT
South KoreaOctober 11, 202308:00 PM KST

Dive into the Action:

For those eager to delve into the next chapter, Kingdom Chapter 771 can be found in its raw form on Young Jump.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“Kingdom” continues to weave a tale of strategy, legacy, and the intricacies of war. As the armies gather and strategies unfold, readers are left on the edge of their seats, anticipating the next moves in this grand game of chess. Chapter 771 promises to be another riveting installment in this epic saga, where every move can change the course of history.

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