Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku Chapter 86

In the upcoming Chapter 86 of “Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku,” Rintarou finds himself in a perplexing situation. A new character, Satsuki, has entered the scene, and her presence could either smooth things out or stir the pot. The chapter promises to explore the emotional complexities of the characters while keeping the readers on the edge of their seats.

Rintarou’s Memory Lapse: A Blast from the Past

Rintarou doesn’t initially recognize Satsuki when she calls out to him. It’s only after some contemplation that he might recall who she is. This lack of memory could be attributed to his inattentive nature during his middle school years.

The mangaka has invested effort into crafting a backstory for Satsuki, suggesting she will be a significant character in the upcoming chapters.

Satsuki’s Social Struggles: A Blossoming Character

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Satsuki is not just a random character; she has her own set of challenges. Struggling with social anxiety, she has been hesitant to reach out to people, including Rintarou. However, it appears she has come out of her shell, and this newfound confidence could lead to regret over not connecting with Rintarou sooner.

Chapter 86 Release: Global Timings

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
India8:30 PMWednesday, September 13, 2023
Central Europe5:00 PMWednesday, September 13, 2023
New York11:00 AMWednesday, September 13, 2023
Pacific Time8:00 AMWednesday, September 13, 2023
Eastern Europe6:00 PMWednesday, September 13, 2023
Philippines11:00 PMWednesday, September 13, 2023
Singapore11:00 PMWednesday, September 13, 2023
Japan12:00 AMThursday, September 14, 2023
Australia1:00 AMThursday, September 14, 2023

Where to Catch the Latest Chapter?

For those who can’t wait to read Chapter 86, it will be available in Pocket Shonen Magazine in its raw format. English readers can find the translated version on Kodansha Manga, although only six volumes are currently available.

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Closing Thought:
“Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku” continues to captivate its audience with its intricate character dynamics and emotional depth. As Rintarou and Satsuki navigate their past and present, the manga promises a blend of drama and sentimentality. Stay tuned for more unfolding mysteries and heartfelt moments.

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