Goddess Cafe Terrace Chapter 119 2

Hayato’s journey in “Goddess Café Terrace” takes another twist as he navigates the challenges of managing a seaside café and dealing with the quirks of its unique residents.

Chapter 119 promises to delve deeper into the relationships and comedic situations that arise from the interactions between Hayato and the five young women who see the café as their new home.

Hayato’s Challenge: Managing More Than Just a Café

Inheriting a café near the sea after his grandmother’s demise, Hayato finds himself in the midst of an unexpected family. The café, home to five young women with diverse personalities, presents challenges beyond just business. As Hayato strives to revive the café, he intertwines romance, humor, and emotional depth, showcasing a spectrum of emotions from lighthearted banter to deep connections.

Ouka’s Revelations and the Family Drama

Goddess Cafe Terrace Chapter 119

Chapter 118 introduced readers to Ouka’s playful nature and her intriguing relationship with Hayato. Their trip to meet Ouka’s family brings forth a series of comedic situations, from Ouka’s job loss revelation to the humorous debate about her recent trip mishaps.

The chapter culminates in a tense atmosphere as Ouka’s father discovers her secrets, setting the stage for the upcoming events in Chapter 119.

Chapter 119 Release: Timings Across the Globe

For those eagerly waiting, here’s when you can immerse yourself in Chapter 119:

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
Pacific Daylight Time8:00 AM7 September 2023
Central Daylight Time9:00 AM7 September 2023
Eastern Daylight Time10:00 AM7 September 2023
Indian Standard Time8:30 PM7 September 2023
Korean Standard Time12:00 AM7 September 2023
Japanese Standard Time12:00 AM7 September 2023
Australia Eastern Daylight Time02:00 AM7 September 2023

Where to Read

For fans eager to continue the journey with Hayato and the café’s residents, Chapter 119 of “Goddess Café Terrace” will be available on Kodansha.

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Final Thoughts: The blend of romance, comedy, and drama in “Goddess Café Terrace” offers readers an engaging experience. As Hayato grapples with the challenges of managing the café and understanding the complexities of his newfound family, the story promises more twists, turns, and heartwarming moments. Stay tuned for the next chapter’s delightful escapades!

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