FFF Class Trashero Chapter 166 The Journey of Kang Han Soo

Kang Han Soo’s escapades in the world of “FFF-Class Trashero” have been nothing short of a roller coaster. With a comedic twist to every turn, the recent chapters have seen Kang striving to elevate his personality score from the dreaded ‘F’ class. His mission? To level up in this fantastical realm before returning to reality, all while ensuring global peace.

A Glimpse into the Past: Chapter 165 Highlights

  • Ogres & Humans: The narrative took an intriguing turn with the revelation that, seven years post the ogre-human conflict, the two species now coexist harmoniously.
  • An Ogre’s Tale of Love: Through the eyes of an ogre, readers witnessed a touching tale of his bond with a human woman. This relationship blossomed after her previous, less-than-ideal partner perished in battle.
  • Kang’s Power Play: Determined to boost his status, Kang harnesses the Elf’s power, causing a stir among both ogres and elves. His actions, although chaotic, are driven by a desire for self-improvement.
  • The Spirit’s Revelation: A surprise encounter with a spirit reveals that she recognizes Kang. Even more shocking? Kang’s newfound spirit attribute is… human. While initially disheartened, this attribute might just prove beneficial.
Fff Class Trashero Chapter 166

Release Date

Eager fans, the wait won’t be long! “FFF-Class Trashero Chapter 166” is slated to drop on:

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Where to Read the Next Chapter?

For those itching to delve into Chapter 166, platforms like Tappytoon and Pocket Comics will be your go-to, complete with English translations.

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