FFF Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 Battling the Demon King

The fantasy world of “FFF-Class Trash Hero” continues to captivate readers with its thrilling storyline and charismatic protagonist, Kang Han Soo. As we eagerly anticipate Chapter 164, let’s delve into the essence of this manga and the challenges faced by our hero. From epic battles against the Demon King to Kang Han Soo’s quest to return to Earth, we have all the exciting details you need.

Recap of Previous Chapter:

In Chapter 163, the valiant Captain Kang Han Soo showcased his might as he charged into battle against formidable opponents. With his level reaching a remarkable 3460, Kang Han Soo’s rank soared higher, leaving the Demon King in awe. As the intense battle unfolded, the Demon King found himself exhausted and at a loss for how to counter Kang Han Soo’s relentless attacks.

Preview of Chapter 164:

In Chapter 164, we can expect more thrilling action as Kang Han Soo continues his fight against the Demon King. His cunning tactics and strategic approach may even exploit the Demon King’s own weaknesses, positioning him as one of Kang Han Soo’s biggest investors.

As Kang Han Soo aims to return to Earth after a decade, he must organize the black box and upgrade his sacred power and magic power to ZZ. The chapter promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, wondering if Kang Han Soo’s efforts will bear fruit.

FFF Class Trash Hero

Release Date & Timings:

Readers can look forward to the release of FFF-Class Trash Hero Chapter 164 on July 30, 2023, adhering to its weekly release schedule. However, the timing of the release may vary depending on the region. For fans across the globe, here are the release timings:

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JapanJuly 30, 20239:00 PM
South KoreaJuly 30, 20239:00 PM
USJuly 30, 20238:00 AM
CanadaJuly 30, 20238:00 AM
IndiaJuly 30, 20235:30 PM
AustraliaJuly 30, 202310:00 PM
PhilippinesJuly 30, 20238:00 PM

Where to Read:

Fans can immerse themselves in the fantastical world of “FFF-Class Trash Hero” by accessing Chapter 164 with English translations on Pocket Comics and Tappytoon. For those eager to explore the original Korean version, Kakao Page offers the Raw version. Additional information about “FFF-Class Trash Hero” can be found on Namu Wiki.


As “FFF-Class Trash Hero” continues to charm readers with its gripping narrative and action-packed sequences, Chapter 164 promises more thrills, battles, and the pursuit of returning to Earth. Kang Han Soo’s journey to overcome challenges and fulfill his aspirations keeps fans eagerly anticipating each new chapter. So, get ready to join the heroic adventures of Captain Kang Han Soo as he strives to make his mark in this savage fantasy world.

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