The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus Chapter 132 Ling Miao Miaos Brave Pursuit

In the upcoming chapter of The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus, readers can expect a daring and determined Ling Miao Miao as she faces the challenging task of conquering Mu Sheng.

Transmigrated into the novel’s third female lead, Ling Yu, she finds herself entangled with the enigmatic Mu Sheng, the second male lead, known for his yandere tendencies and possessiveness.

Recap: Ling Miao Miao’s Fearless Encounter

In the previous chapter, Ling Miao Miao displays her fearlessness when facing Lady Murong’s Child, unfazed by their background. However, Yao, her best friend, realizes that her memories of Sheng are fragmented, raising suspicions. Brother Liu entrusts Miao Miao with the task of uncovering the truth behind Sheng’s guarded behavior towards Yao and Liu.

Sheng appears and appears upset with Liu, prompting him to take Miao Miao back to their place. Miao Miao remains tight-lipped about the conversation, making Sheng slightly jealous. He opens up about his insecurities and expresses his deep love for her.

The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus

Release Date and Timings: Mark Your Calendars

The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus Chapter 132 is set to be released on August 06, 2023. International readers can access the chapter at different times depending on their time zone. The provided schedule offers timings for various regions.

ChinaAugust 06, 20238:00 pm
JapanAugust 06, 20239:00 pm
South KoreaAugust 06, 20239:00 pm
USAugust 06, 20238:00 am
CanadaAugust 06, 20238:00 am
IndiaAugust 06, 20235:30 pm
AustraliaAugust 06, 202310:00 pm
PhilippinesAugust 06, 20238:00 pm

Where to Read: Delve into the Story’s Continuation

Fans can read The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus Chapter 132 Raw on Kuaikan Manhua in Chinese. For English-translated versions, the chapter will be available on Tapas Media.

Although the English version is one chapter behind the Chinese version due to translation time, readers can immerse themselves in Ling Miao Miao’s brave pursuit of Mu Sheng. Witness how her determination and courage play out in this gripping fantasy-action-drama manhwa.

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