Duke Pendragon Chapter 78

Raven, now adopting the name Eren Pendragon, is on a mission to construct a utopia for those dear to him, challenging a system that has been less than kind. With a legacy to uphold, Eren’s journey has been filled with trials, but his determination remains unwavering. As he steps into his role as Prince, fans eagerly anticipate the kind of world he envisions, especially given the adversities he’s faced.

Eren and Co.: Infiltration and Integration

Eren and his comrades have successfully infiltrated the kingdom. While Eren embarks on his princely duties, aiming to craft a haven for his subjects, his friend has carved a niche for himself within the Knight’s squad.

Despite his commoner status, he’s managed to gain acceptance, largely by keeping a low profile. But with the looming Twin Tower master’s test, challenges are bound to arise.

The Twin Tower Test: Speculations and Excitement

Duke Pendragon Chapter 77 recap

The upcoming chapter has stirred considerable excitement, primarily due to the mysterious Twin Tower test. While details remain scarce, it’s evident that Eren’s friend will play a pivotal role. With some already privy to his true capabilities, confrontations might be on the horizon.

On the other hand, Eren continues his endeavors, with the female lead stepping up as his secretary, sidelining her previous “Love Me” princess persona.

Chapter 93 Release: Global Timings

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
India8:30 PMFriday, September 1st, 2023
Central Europe5:00 PMFriday, September 1st, 2023
New York11:00 AMFriday, September 1st, 2023
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Eastern Europe6:00 PMFriday, September 1st, 2023
Philippines11:00 PMFriday, September 1st, 2023
Singapore11:00 PMFriday, September 1st, 2023
Japan12:00 AMSaturday, September 2nd, 2023
Australia1:00 AMSaturday, September 2nd, 2023
Eastern Indonesia12:00 AMSaturday, September 2nd, 2023
Korea12:00 AMSaturday, September 2nd, 2023

Where to Read

For those eager to delve into the next chapter, “Duke Pendragon Chapter 78” will be available on Kakao Page in its original Korean format.

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Closing Thought: “Duke Pendragon” seamlessly blends political intrigue with personal journeys. As Eren strives to reshape his world, readers are treated to a tale of ambition, friendship, and the challenges of leadership. The next chapter promises more revelations, and fans worldwide are on the edge of their seats.

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