A Red Knights Intricate Path Chapter 95 Unveiling the Machinations

In the upcoming chapter of “A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money,” Jermel’s astute observations lead him to suspect Judith’s involvement in an assassination attempt.

The silver dragon’s wrath points a finger in her direction, igniting speculation about the possible connection between her and the calamity. The anticipation mounts as readers eagerly await the outcome of Jermel’s daring teleportation maneuver.

Stigma Unveiled: Jermel’s Family Secrets Unraveled

A pivotal revelation unravels as Jermel delves into his past, unearthing the haunting origin of his stigma. The emblematic mark appeared on his palm after his mother Rosen’s untimely demise.

This enigmatic symbol holds far-reaching implications, echoing the turmoil of his family’s decline. His father’s animosity, stemming from the stigma’s emergence, casts a long shadow over Jermel’s life, leading him down a path of adversity and self-discovery.

A Father’s Blame: Jermel’s Struggle for Acceptance

The complex dynamics between Jermel and his father come to light as the chapter delves deeper into their fractured relationship. Blaming Jermel for the family’s downfall, his father subjected him to a relentless barrage of emotional abuse.

A tension-fueled confrontation ensues, revealing the depths of their animosity. Amidst the resentment, Jermel grapples with the dichotomy of his father’s actions, prompting poignant introspection.

A Red Knights Intricate Path

A Thorny Path: Jermel’s Journey of Resilience

Jermel’s journey is one of resilience and introspection. As he navigates the intricacies of his lineage, he unveils a path marked by adversity and hardship. His legacy is marred by the stigma of time, which has far-reaching implications.

The chapter sheds light on the delicate balance between legacy and self-determination, showcasing Jermel’s pursuit of identity amidst the turmoil.

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Release Date

The release date, scheduled for Monday, August 14, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST, marks a pivotal moment for readers to immerse themselves in the unfolding events.

US (Eastern Time, EST)09:00 AM
Canada (Newfoundland Time, NT)09:00 AM
India (Indian Standard Time, IST)06:30 PM
Australia (AEST)11:00 PM
Philippines (PHT)09:00 PM
Japan (JST)10:00 PM
South Korea (KST)10:00 PM

Where to Read Chapter 95

Enthusiastic readers can engage with the immersive world of “A Red Knight Does Not Blindly Follow Money” on Kakao Page. With an English translation available, the story’s complexities and characters’ journeys are accessible to a global audience.

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