10 best romance manwha

Welcome to a realm of heartwarming tales, tender emotions, and delightful romances, as we present to you the 10 best romance manhwa to immerse yourself in this year. Prepare to be swept away by captivating narratives that explore the complexities of love, passion, and destiny. From chance encounters to fated reunions, each manhwa on this list offers a unique and enthralling journey of affection and rediscovery. So, grab your favorite beverage, find a cozy nook, and let these enchanting stories whisk you away on a rollercoaster of emotions. Here are the 10 romance manhwa masterpieces that are sure to warm your heart in 2023.

10. The Villainess is a Marionette

The Villainess is a Marionette

In the captivating Korean Manhwa, “The Villainess Is A Marionette,” Drama, Fantasy, and Romance converge to weave a compelling narrative.

Meet Kayena Hill, once lauded as the empire’s most exquisite beauty, but now awakened in her dreaded role as the novel’s villainess. Surprisingly, Kayena recognizes her past life, and she’s determined not to be a mere pawn in her own tragedy, which claimed her life twice before. Shedding her former vain and naïve self, Kayena sets out to defy fate’s cruel hand.

Armed with knowledge of the story’s impending twists, she orchestrates a masterful symphony of actions, skillfully pulling the strings to control her destiny. Prepare to be enthralled as Kayena transforms from a marionette to a mastermind, leaving everyone dancing to her tune. The Villainess is back, and she’s reclaiming her story in a riveting display of resilience and cunning.

9. Dad I Don’t Want This Marriage

Dad I dont want this marriage

In a world of societal constraints and predetermined fates, “Dad, I Don’t Want This Marriage” unveils the journey of Juvelian, a despised villainess who refuses to surrender to her tragic destiny. Abandoned by her lover and father, she stands at the precipice of a pitiful demise. Yet, a glimmer of hope emerges as she’s granted the chance to rewrite her story.

Determined to evade her foreseen doom, Juvelian makes radical choices: she parts ways with her lover and relinquishes the pursuit of her father’s affections. Instead, she embraces her newfound independence and embarks on a life of luxury, funded by her father’s wealth. As she readies herself to relish the privileges of a lady’s life, an unsettling development looms—her father seeks a suitor to secure her future.

Fearful of a union with the volatile and tempestuous prince, Juvelian devises a daring plan: a dating contract. The ideal candidate? None other than her father’s diligent student.

“Defying Destiny” intertwines love, freedom, and audacity in this enthralling romance manhwa. Follow Juvelian as she dares to challenge convention, navigate the treacherous path of love, and carve her own fate in a world determined to shape it for her. Experience a whirlwind of emotions as the protagonist seeks love, independence, and a destiny of her own making.

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8. Lady Baby, Beatrice 

Lady baby Beatrice

Step into the enchanting world of “Lady Baby,” where fate’s cruel hand has befallen young lady Calliope, subjecting her to nature’s relentless laws and a series of unfortunate mishaps. Amidst the ruins of her decimated family and the shadows of an ongoing war, Calliope’s poignant singing captures the attention of a mysterious woman who promises a reward for her beautiful song.

Intriguingly, this womanly figure shrouds Calliope in darkness, leading to a miraculous event—she wakes up in the past, back to the time of her birth! As Calliope matures in her newfound circumstances, she is driven by a singular purpose: to uncover the truth behind her family’s demise and put an end to the perpetrators.

“Lady Baby” unfolds a captivating tale of time and revenge, as Calliope navigates her reborn life, determined to unveil the mystery that shattered her world. Journey alongside this tenacious protagonist as she uncovers the secrets of her past and strives to alter the course of her destiny. Experience a symphony of emotions, as love, loss, and determination intertwine in this riveting romance manhwa.

7. We Broke Up

We Broke Up

In the aftermath of heartbreak, “We Broke Up” unfurls an enthralling story of an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, forced to coexist under one roof. Though not widely known, this hidden gem of a manga is an absolute must-read for romance enthusiasts seeking a delightful and emotionally enriching experience.

Recommended by a fellow redditor, “We Broke Up” captivates readers with its perfect blend of aesthetics and heartfelt dialogues. It delivers a short and sweet romance manhwa that tugs at the heartstrings and leaves a lasting impression.

As the lives of the ex-couple intertwine in their shared space, the manga artfully portrays the complexities of love, heartache, and rediscovery. Prepare to be enchanted by the heartfelt journey of two souls as they navigate their emotions, uncover buried feelings, and rekindle the flame of love.

6. Death is the Only Ending for Villainess

Death is the Only Ending for Villainess

In the enchanting realm of “Death is the Only Ending for Villainess,” Penelope Eckart embarks on an extraordinary romantic journey as she reincarnates into the world of a reverse harem dating sim. As the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and cast in the role of the dreaded villainess, Penelope faces a daunting challenge—a game set at its most arduous level, with perilous outcomes at every turn.

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In this labyrinth of love and destiny, Penelope must conquer her heart’s desires and choose a male lead to achieve a blissful ending, escaping the clutches of death. However, love is far from straightforward, as she finds herself entangled in riveting dramas with two feuding brothers and a charismatic crown prince whose routes all seem doomed.

As fate’s twists unfold, a captivating magician enamored by the female lead and a devoted slave knight add unexpected layers to the romantic tapestry. Surprisingly, the more Penelope crosses the line with her suitors, the more their favorability toward her blossoms, intensifying the allure of her relationships.

5. My Heart Is Beating

My Hear is Beating

In the heartwarming tale of “My Heart is Beating,” meet Bae Sugu, a 17-year-old model student, living in the shadow of his father, the vice principal of his school. Beneath his composed exterior, Sugu conceals a genuine passion for swimsuits—a fascination he must keep hidden from the world. Misunderstood by others, he grapples with the weight of expectations, yearning for an escape from the standstill that has befallen his life.

One fateful day, as Sugu discreetly captures pictures of swimsuits by the pool, he finds himself caught by his homeroom teacher. Forced into an awkward predicament, Sugu’s world takes an unexpected turn. Lost and seeking solace, he yearns for something to reignite the beat of his heart and set his passions free.

Can Sugu find the courage to embrace his true self and pursue the desires that stir his soul?

4. Lucia


A vivid nightmare foretells a dreadful marriage, leaving Lucia desperate to escape her grim fate. With determination in her heart, she proposes an unconventional solution—an arranged contract marriage with the infamous womanizer, Duke Hugo Taran.

Amidst the complexities of their arrangement, Lucia wonders if this bold decision can indeed alter her destiny or if unforeseen paths lie ahead. Will she find solace and true love in this unexpected union, or will fate have other plans in store for her?

Within the vast sea of romance mangas, “Lucia” shines as a rare gem, prioritizing the heartfelt connection between its central characters. Intimate and realistic scenes paint a picture of a married couple’s journey, deeply resonating with readers’ emotions.

Embark on Lucia’s enchanting journey, where dreams and reality intertwine, and the power of love holds sway.

3. The Elixir of the Sun

The Elixir of the Sun

Step into a world of enchanting romance with “The Elixir of the Sun.” This heartwarming manwha delves into the lovey-dovey relationship between our protagonists, the FL (female lead) and ML (male lead). A tale that is both charming and captivating.

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As the story unfolds, it sets the stage for an intriguing main plot that promises to keep readers hooked. Season 1 concludes, leaving us eager for more. The FL’s personal mission, driven by a desire for revenge, adds depth to her character, but it is not fully revealed yet. However, fear not, as the captivating characters already have you invested, even if the central conflict is yet to fully take shape. While the FL’s life before meeting the ML remains shrouded in hardship, the progression since chapter 1 is seamlessly depicted.

2. Daytime Star

Daytime Star

Prepare to fall head over heels for “Daytime Star,” a masterpiece that embodies a heartwarming and genuinely healthy relationship. The characters, Yura and Seunghyeon, showcase a level of respect rarely seen in romantic stories. Gone are the clichéd tropes of characters behaving foolishly; instead, Seunghyeon demonstrates his emotions like any normal person would, respecting Yura’s autonomy and dreams.

The concept of a struggling actress finding love and stardom through a chance encounter with a superstar is captivating. Although some may find the sudden shift in Yura’s fortunes a tad exaggerated, it remains an engrossing element of the narrative. Nevertheless, the way she handles her newfound success with grace and determination, striving to stand on her own merits, is commendable.

Intriguingly, the story tackles the complexities of dating a high-profile figure. Yura’s understanding of their need for privacy in the beginning highlights her maturity. Additionally, her refusal to publicize their relationship, opting to prove herself as an actress independently, is a refreshing departure from conventional storylines.

1. Whats Wrong with Secratory Kim

Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim

In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” Lee Young-joon, the vice president of Yuil Group, is baffled when his dedicated secretary, Kim Mi-so, expresses her desire to resign after nine years of service. Mi-so seeks a simpler life with time for romance and a quest to uncover her past. Young-joon, realizing his deep feelings for her, tries every means to keep her, but her impending departure brings them closer romantically.

This manhwa, brimming with love, mystery, and rediscovery, will captivate your heart and leave you yearning for more. Join Mi-so and Young-joon on their journey to rekindle their memories and find a future filled with love and understanding.

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